Restaurants in Venice

Best Restaurants In Venice Worth Visiting

Locating reasonably priced Venice restaurants can be a challenge especially if you are looking for places that also serve good food. The challenge of finding Venice restaurants only becomes overwhelming during the popular lunchtime hours if you are trying to find Venice Beach restaurants where you also have an opportunity to play pokies online real money.

You are unlikely to have any difficulties finding a hidden traditional bacaro bar by a side street serving some bite-sized delicacies which you would undoubtedly like. We are providing you a selection of Venice restaurants which serve good food during the day and will also provide you a great time if you want to enjoy romantic Venice at night. Take a look at the best eateries in Venice which we consider are worth visiting.

The Birreria Forst in  Piazza San Marco

Finding a place decent enough to have a meal around Piazza San Marco will be a challenge but if you can get to the Birreria Forst which has been a legendary place favored by water taxi drivers and gondoliers for nearly half a century you can enjoy an authentic slice of Venetian life. You can order their signature rye sandwiches which are square for €10 along with drinks. The sandwiches contain wafer-thin slices of roast beef and pork and also include local cheeses along with sopressa salami and your enjoyment is likely to be enhanced by the young owner of the place Kevin Xu who continues with a never-ending discussion in the local dialect with the gondoliers. Truly this is one of the Venice restaurants worth visiting.

The Burano Trattoria Alla Maddalena

One of the most popular destinations of Venice is the colorful island of Burano which is also known as the fisherman’s Island but if lunch or dinner is on your mind you will find it better to stroll across the wooden bridge to visit the bucolic Mazzorbo or just have a seat by the water at the family managed Trattoria Alla Maddalena where an entire meal will cost you just €35-€40. You can make your trip to Venice Italy at night romantic by choosing to have the traditional lagoon serving of risotto di go which is mostly not available in most Venice restaurants. The dish is complex to prepare and despite not looking appetizing enough the taste is believed to be exceptional. The art has of preparing this dish however been perfected by this restaurant.

If you find the Venice restaurants we have spoken about unsuitable to your needs during the day you can consider visiting one of the Venice restaurants listed below to have a romantic Venice at night. You may also get an opportunity to visit the raging bull casino from one of these places and enjoy some entertainment after you have had your fill at one of the Venice Beach restaurants. The places we suggest are the following:

The H 2 No Restaurant

The Gallerie Dell’accademia La Rivista Restaurant

The Palazzo Grassi Bacaro Da Fiore Restaurant

The Murano Osteria Ai Cacciatori Restaurant

The Jewish Ghetto Osteria Al Bacco Restaurant

The Isola Di San Giorgio Da Sandro Restaurant &

The Biennale Gardens Osteria Al Ponte Restaurant

We firmly believe you will find these Venice restaurants are indeed worth visiting for the kind of food they serve and the services they provide. You may very well develop the opinion that Venice restaurants are indeed some of the best in Europe.

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