Best Places to see graffiti around the world

24 Apr Best Places To See Graffiti Around The World

There was a time when graffiti and street arts were considered a bad thing. More recently, however, governments, institutions, residents and tourists have started accepting the beauty of these art forms. Wherever I go I always love to check out the street art and there are a few cities that really stick out in my mind as being great to view graffiti.

Here are a few of the best places to see graffiti around the world:

Austin, Texas, USA

The Baylor Street Art Wall in Austin, Texas is a famous spot for graffiti and street artists, drawing thousands of tourists from all over the United States. The graffiti and the street art in the area is usually political as the main purpose of the art wall is to connect artists with global issues.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Considered as among the smallest ‘capital’ cities in Europe is Ljubljana. However, what it ‘lacks’ in its size makes up in personality. One of the reasons why this is the case is the welcoming attitudes of its people to street art. A big portion of street art in the city can be found in the Metalkova District. The area, which was taken over by informal settlers after the fall of the Yugoslavian regime in the early 1990s, is almost completely covered by graffiti and has become among the most popular tourist spots in Ljubljana. You can sign up for a graffiti tour here, or even grab some solid markers and learn how to graffiti yourself.

Granada, Spain

Granada is famous for its Moroccan-inspired architecture as well as decisively Spanish traditions. But recent years have seen an influx of tourists in the city for an entirely different reason. The street art in Granada started becoming popular in the 1990s; much of it was done by Spanish artist El Nino de las Pinturas. Most of the street art in Granada can be found between the river and the Alhambra.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a center of culture and the arts in Europe and one of the reasons why there are a lot of street arts in the German capital is the welcoming environment of the people. Artists such as Banksy, El Bocho as well as Evol are leading figures in the street art and graffiti scene in Berlin, inspiring more artists all over the world that are just starting to use Sketch markers in order to pursue their passion.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is among the most forward-thinking and progressive countries in the world when it comes to street art. The diversity and dynamic nature of street art in Brazil has prompted its government to decriminalize graffiti in the year 2009 only limiting punishment to graffiti done on properties without the owner’s consent. Pichação and grafite are street art styles closely associated with Rio de Janeiro. They can be seen in almost every part of the city, in the tourist spots, streets as well as in the favelas.

Los Angeles, USA

When you think of Los Angeles, the first things that usually come to people’s minds are Hollywood and films. What people forget is that Los Angeles also has a thriving art scene as evidenced by the dynamic street art displayed in public spaces. Graffiti and street art can be found in almost every part of the metropolitan area, though a lot of them are found in Central and Westlake.

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