Best Hiking Trails in Israel

Did you know that Israel’s hiking trails are among the most beautiful in the world? When you visit Israel on your next trip, make sure you hike at least some of these.

Eilat Mountains

Home to canyons and a stunning nature reserve, the Eilat Mountains will take your breath away with its spectacular views. Here you’ll see animals like hyenas, jackals, and gazelles in their natural habitat.

Masada Snake Path

Join millions of tourists and locals who have climbed Masada’s Snake Path to see the sun rise or just to take a walk among the ancient ruins. If you’re tired, you can always take the cable car back down the mountain.

Zin Valley-Ein Akev Hike

This is an all-day hike in the Negev, or it’s as long as you want it to be, depending on where you start your walk. Stop in to the Bedouin tent along the way for a cup of tea and a snack, and then take a dip in the largest spring in the Negev.

Mount Arbel

Mount Arbel is a straight cliff, standing over the Sea of Galilee. But don’t worry—there are ropes and metal handles to help you down. Visit its ancient caves from the time of the Second Temple Period and the ruins of an ancient synagogue.

Nahal Dragot

Nahal Dragot, known fondly by its nickname, The Darga, is a challenging hike that should only be attempted by seasoned hikers. You will need to rappel down parts of this mountain, so bring rope, and there are pools you must swim through.

Nahal Amud

This hike, translated in English as “Pillar River,” is located just below Safed in the North of Israel. Its name comes from a large pillar that juts out from the riverbed. This trail contains lots of refreshing water for swimming.

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

Visit Ein Gedi and enjoy the beautiful oasis near the Dead Sea. Hike Nahal David to see the abundant desert flora and fauna and enjoy the multitude of cooling pools and waterfalls.

Wadi Kelt

At the edge of the desert hike Wadi Kelt is a sweet oasis called Ein Prat. Here you will find several wonderful pools and streams filled with tiny fish nibbling at your toes.

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