Best Christmas Gifts for Travellers in 2021

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Christmas is less than two weeks away, and the clock is ticking. As it does, you have a traveller to shop for, and… you’re drawing a blank.

They’re a committed globetrotter, with dozens of countries visited. And whilst you get away to a tropical resort annually, you haven’t the faintest clue what they might need.

Allow us to come to your rescue. Below, we’ve listed four gifts that are bound to put a smile on their face come Christmas morning. Let’s get started.

Professional Printed & Framed Travel Photos

You’re not as accomplished a traveller as your friend is. However, you have joined them on some of their adventures – and what good times those were!

Epic memories are the treasure that every traveller covets. So, give them something to hang in their home: a professionally printed and framed photograph.

Start by digging through your camera roll for the perfect candidate. Ensure you use the raw JPG file, not a low-res Facebook copy. When it gets blown up, you want to minimise losses in quality.

Next, find a vendor online that offers next day photo printing – time is of the essence, after all. Then, once your print comes back, find a local photo framer that’ll make your epic selfie look fantastic.

Then, wrap it liberally in bubble wrap before putting paper on it. And lastly, sit back and watch their reaction! 

Universal Plug Adapter

In modern society, universality makes things flow much more smoothly. Imagine Europe without the Euro – chaos. However, the more you travel, the more you realise that universal systems are still a distant dream.

Take electrical systems, for example. There are two different voltage standards (as many hair dryer owners have learned the hard way) and up to fifteen plugs in use worldwide.

Solve the second problem by getting your friend a universal plug adapter. Whilst massive in scale, its many switches will provide the right hookup for any plug type. In return, they’ll be able to shed some clutter in their day pack.    

Packing Cubes

Speaking of clutter… it can be surprisingly tough to fit one’s world into a 75L backpack. At first, it seems like a bottomless pit, but before long, its owner struggles to make use of every last cubic inch of space.

Even the most efficient packer leaves valuable dead space between clothing, toiletries, and books. Packing cubes impose order, as, when closed, it compacts its contents down.

Pair them with travel compression bags, and your friend will fit more stuff into their pack than they ever thought possible. 

Portable Power Banks

Power sources have a habit of disappearing when travellers need them most. Think 12-hour bus rides, hostels where every outlet is spoken for, and countries with uncooperative plugs.

You can help your friend avoid low-battery crises by getting them a portable power bank. By charging it to 100%, portable power banks stand ready to deliver their payload anywhere.

When your friend is on a Trans-Pacific flight, deep in the wilderness, or waiting to use the only plug in their dorm… they’ll quietly thank you.    

Get the Traveller in Your Life an Awesome Christmas Gift

Travellers are minimalists by necessity. But, they always need gadgets that solve their most pressing problems. So, by getting your friend one of the gifts mentioned above, you will greatly improve their day-to-day life on the road.

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