Bali vs Newquay: The Tale of Two popular surfing towns 12,500km apart

I am wonderfully lucky to be able to live between 2 spots on this planet which are similar in many ways and at the same time vastly different.

I am talking about 1. The beautiful “Islands of the Gods”- BALI in Indonesia and 2. A delightful fishing town- come tourist spot, NEWQUAY, Cornwall in south West England, UK.

Both are very popular tourist attractions by the sea but the MOST common aspect of both Bali and Newquay is the fact that they both have superb SURFING WAVES.

In fact both places are famous spots for surfing on the world ‘surfing circuit’.

I have a friend living in Plymouth UK who owns a plumber Plymouth service and who has surfed in both places. He says the common interest of surfing brings people from different nations together.

I have another friend living in Bali who owns a Bali Party supplies Shop and she says both local and international surfers, like most people, LOVE partying. This is another thing common to both locations. Bali and Newquay residents and tourists LOVE to party.

If surfing and tourist-spot are the most common aspects, in contrast to this probably the most uncommon aspect is their respective climate / weather.

One is located in SE Asia near the equator having a tropical sunny climate while the other is nearer the North Pole than the equator having temperate and overall a much colder / wet climate.

A brief description of both locations and then a list of differences:


Surfer out of the water after surfing

Newquay town in southwest England is on the north coast of Cornwall. Well known for its sandy beaches at Fistral and Watergate Bay, where the Atlantic Ocean generates strong surfing waves. The Blue Reef Aquarium on the main seafront has an underwater tunnel which goes through a coral-reef tank populated with puffer fish, sharks and many kinds of rays.  The Newquay Zoo which is a little further inland is surrounded by beautiful tropical landscape and is home to many exotic animals including lions, wildebeest and sloths.



Bali is one of the Indonesian islands known for its jungle forests, volcanic mountains, beautiful rice paddies, surfing beaches and coral reefs. In the south of the island the main city by the beach, Kuta, has lively bars and is the main tourist area for Australians and other surfing nuts. The island is also well known for yoga and meditation retreats.

Apart from water-sports, water parks and a plethora of beautiful beaches in both locations here is a list of the Top 10 things to do in Newquay and Bali:

Newquay Top 10 Things to Do


1.Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre tour
2.Lappa Valley Steam Railway
3.Trerice – old minimalistic house
4.Newquay Zoo
5.DairyLand Farm World
6.Pirate’s Quest – tour through Newquay’s pirate history
7.The Japanese Garden
8.South West Coast Path Walk – Newquay’s Twin Headlands from Newquay Station
9.Holywell Bay Fun Park – includes motor go-cart racing
10.Fishing Charters & Tours

Bali Top 10 Things to Do

Bali beaches

1.Ubud Monkey forest – A temple complex with many monkeys
2.Bali Safari and marine Park
3.Mount Batur – mountain volcanoe
4.Uluwatu Temple – Ancient Hindu Temple
5.Goa Gajah – visit to a cave famous for its ancient carvings
6.Tanah Lot – island temple with sea views
7.Nature and wild life jungle tours
8.Hike and visit to Sekumpul Waterfalls
9.Meditation and spa retreat day tours
10.Tegalalang Rice Terrace

NOW Here is a list giving the similarities and the differences of Bali and Newquay:

Bali Newquay
Great Surfing waves Yes Yes
 Popular tourist spot  Yes  Yes
 World Surf Competitions  Yes  Yes
 Location  Indonesia  United Kingdom
 Temperature / Climate  Hot + Rainy  

cold + hot / sunny + rainy + misty

 high and low temp. record  13degC to 42degC  -9degC to 33.3degC
 Average yearly temp (day)  30degC  


 Main tourist accommodation  hotels + villas  hotels + bed and breakfast
 Main local religion  Hindu  Christian or Agnostic
 Local Nationality  Indonesian  English
 Main transport mode  Motorbikes  Car + walking
Main area size 5,800 100 Sq.Km
Population 4.5 million 20,000
Currency Ind.Rupiah(IDR) British Pound (GBP)
.Popular food   Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng)  Fish and chips
Best Tourist Buy Beach Massage Newquay “Rock Sweets”
Number of tourists per year 4 million 80,000 to 100,000 per yr
Tourist spending US$4.8bill GBP250mill per year (US$325,000,000)
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