#AtoZofBarbados Day Three

Day three of the #AtoZofBarbados challenge was an epic day filled with sun, sea and sand. Since we have a rental car we embarked on a road trip to the East Coast of the island, passing some beautiful scenery on the way.

D is for Drive

It’s really worth hiring a rental car to get around the island of Barbados. The public transportation system is good with a variety of bus options, but we have had the odd torrential downpour and we wouldn’t fancy getting caught in the rain! The car has allowed us to see things more quickly and we can stop whenever we see something we want to do.  From Bridgetown to the East Coast it took us around 40 minutes and the views were incredible. 

Driving Barbados

S is for Soup Bowl

Our first stop on the road trip was Bathsheba- a stunning place about half way up the East Coast. With rugged coastline and unruly waves coming in from the Atlantic, this whole coast is popular with surfers. Soup Bowl– named after the foamy surf around here- is a famous surf spot for locals and tourists alike. We didn’t spot any surfers because the conditions weren’t quite right, but it was beautiful to watch the waves come crashing down.  The East Coast is definitely the most stunning part of the island.

Soup Bowl Surf Spot Barbados

R is for Roundhouse

A gentleman from Twitter recommended we visit the Roundhouse café and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Perched on a hillside overlooking the Soup Bowl, the Roundhouse is the ideal place for lunch with a view. We ate their famous breadfruit chips and enjoyed a cup of tea looking out over the beach.

Round House Barbados Breadfruit Chips

Round House Restaurant Barbados

Round House Barbados

Soup Bowl Bathsheba Surf Spot

C is for Crane Beach

Crane Beach is arguably the best beach on Barbados. Located on the South East Coast, this beach has powdery white sand and turquoise blue waters. Access to the beach is via the Crane Hotel, but non-guests are welcome. There are steps to get down to it, but there is also a grandiose elevator in the cliff that will whisk you down to paradise.  Guests get the blue sun loungers, while non-guests get the less fancy green sun loungers.  It was definitely our favourite beach!

Crane Beach Barbados

Crane Beach Barbados

Since we were feeling a bit peckish we stopped by Cutters– a well-known deli that serves great flying fish cutters, coffees and other sandwiches.

That evening we went to the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre for some rum cocktails at Lime Bar then ventured to the well-known Harbour Lights club where we partied until the wee hours of the morning!

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