Are You Living With Stress And Anxiety? Here Are The Simple Ways To Beat All The Blues

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Around 70 percent of adults living in the United States of America deal with stress and anxiety day in and day out. It is a pressing issue that is gripping our society increasingly and becoming a common phenomenon. However, there isn’t widespread awareness or solutions to this problem even today.

If you are one of the people who feels stressed and anxious, this article is maybe what you exactly need. Scroll down to learn about the simple ways to beat your blues and maintain your mental health.

Indulge in physical activities 

Exercise is one of the most potent weapons against stress and anxiety. It tones down the release of stress hormones, like cortisol, in your body and sets off the release of endorphins which are mood-lifting chemicals and function as natural painkillers. It also improves your quality of sleep that is negatively impacted by stress and anxiety. 

Exercising in any form, be it strength training, cardio training, jogging, walking, yoga, home workouts etc. can help you deal with stress and anxiety effectively. 

Spend time with your loved ones 

Social support helps in breaking the manacles of stress and anxiety. Staying close to family and friends gives you a sense of security, self-worth, and belonging, easing down the restlessness caused due to stress and anxiety. Spending time with family and friends triggers the release of natural stress relievers. 

With your friends and family in tow, you can easily find your way through any stressful situation. 

The best way to deal with any acute stressful situation is to plan a vacation with your loved ones. To further ameliorate the condition, consider staying together in one place. For instance, if you are planning a vacation in Bellevue, instead of staying at a hotel, consider looking for rental apartments in Bellevue WA, so that you can stay closer to your loved ones. 

Take control of your life

While you may not know it, controlling many stress triggers is in your hands. Take cognizance of your common stress triggers and reflect on the triggers you can easily control. Change the parts of your life responsible for bringing stress, be it your habits, work, or relationships. 

Make it a habit to say no more often than you usually do to keep unwanted stress at bay. With it, you won’t find yourself shouldering responsibilities that you aren’t capable of or willing to shoulder, hence, keeping stress and anxiety away. 

Filter everything that comes to you to reduce your stress level.  

Limit your caffeine intake 

People who take coffee, tea, energy drinks, and chocolate in copious amounts are more susceptible to experience anxiety. 

While some tolerate caffeine better, many experience anxiousness with a high caffeine intake. Surprisingly, many people are unaware of how caffeine might be the source of their problem. Therefore, take note of whether taking caffeine makes you jittery. If yes, cut back on it to keep anxiety away.

Start journaling 

The most celebrated way of beating anxiety is writing things down. Putting your thoughts on paper reduces the clutter in your mind, making you feel relieved. 

You can either write everything you are grateful for, everything you are stressed about, random thoughts crossing your mind, or feelings that seem overwhelming. Venting your thoughts will help you relieve stress and anxiety. 

Try few supplements

If you are experiencing excessive stress and anxiety lately, consider taking supplements that suppress stress and anxiety. Supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids, lemon balm, kava kava, etc., contain elements that help relieve stress and anxiety. 

You can also have green tea that contains polyphenol antioxidants and boosts serotonin levels to relieve stress and anxiety and valerian root that contains valerenic acid that changes GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) receptors to tone down anxiety.

The bottom line 

Living with stress and anxiety can impact your physical, mental, and emotional health. So, use these tips to look after your mental health. 

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