Apus relax travel pillow

APUS Relax Travel Pillow Review

When it comes to sleeping on planes, we all have our personal preferences. Some like the window, some prefer the aisle, some can fall asleep really easily while others have a hard time dozing off.

Personally I’ve always been a window seat girl because I like something to lean against but if I can’t get a window seat, I’ll plant myself face first in the tray table.

To make things more comfortable I’ll often travel with a neck pillow but in all honesty, I find it difficult to sleep sitting straight up with my neck just tilted to one side. I need something to lean against.

Lately I’ve been testing out the APUS Relax Travel Pillow, which is an inflatable pillow that has been designed to make flying more comfortable.  It has a revolutionary design that allows you to use it in a number of different sleeping positions. It’s certainly a unique product and below I’ll explain why:

APUS Relax Travel Pillow Features

Inflatable Travel Pillow

The APUS Relax Air travel pillow was developed with the help of a professional neurosurgeon and allows your cervical spine to fully relax in a straight position, reducing the tension in your neck and back muscles.

It consists of two different parts that can be inflated separately, meaning travelers can enjoy 4 different sleeping positions, including a position for couples traveling together. The unique design also allows for sufficient air flow and plenty of space for your chin, neck and arms.

Special air valves with removable one-way inserts mean you can blow up the inflatable pillow in 20 seconds and deflate it in under 10. Best of all, if you have allergies, the pillow is made of hypoallergenic PVC that can be cleaned even with soap or detergent.

Sleeping Positions

The pillow can be used in four different positions, as illustrated below:

The most exciting position for me is the “forward lean” position which allows you to lean forward on the tray table. Your face rests in a U-shaped groove in the pillow, which has a soft, fabric cover.

The clever design of the pillow also means couples can link their arms through it in a “sweetheart” position, sleeping side by side.

Apus Relax

Alternatively, you can just inflate the one side and use it as an ordinary pillow, either leaning against the window or putting it behind your back for lumbar support.

Apus relax inflatable travel pillow

My thoughts

Apus relax travel pillow

First, let’s start with the size. It’s important for a travel pillow to be light and compact, otherwise it becomes really annoying to cart around.

Thankfully the APUS Relax Travel Pillow comes in a small (8 x 5 x 1,2 inch / 20 x 12 x 3 cm) bag, which made it really easy to fit in my carry-on backpack. Some neck pillows (especially those bean-bag type ones) can be really annoying to carry and easy to misplace, but not this one.

While I was using the pillow, I also used the pouch to hold things like my earphones, toothbrush and socks during the flight.

When it came to inflating the pillow, it was actually surprisingly quick to inflate. You have to inflate the two sides separately in order to inflate the entire pillow, but the valves have one-way inserts so you can easily inflate it without the air escaping too much. When it’s time to deflate the pillow, just pull out the larger stopper and the whole thing deflates really fast.

In terms of positions, the forward-leaning position is really the most unique, since most travel pillows wrap around your neck and require you to tilt your neck to one side. I had to sort of hug the pillow with my arms and rest my head face-first into the U-shape of the pillow.

There are so many times I’ve woken up jaw-open and drooling when sleeping upright, so this position definitely solves that problem! The couple’s position is also a great idea if you’re traveling with a companion, although I’ve yet to try this position out.

If you’re based in the US, you can purchase the travel pillow on Amazon here: bit.ly/Apus_Relax

How well do you sleep on planes? Are you a window seat person or an aisle person? Do you carry a travel pillow and would you use one like this? Leave your comments below! 

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