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12 Sep Answering all your burning questions about vaping abroad

As the popularity of vaping rises, certain countries have begun to create their own specific laws regarding e-cigarettes and what is permitted. As vaping is relatively new, policies are constantly changing and can be difficult to keep track of.

As a result many vapers may still be unaware of where in the world it is okay to vape and what regulations must be upheld. For example, Thailand recently began enforcing a strict ban on e-cigarettes. If you are caught vaping in Thailand you could be punished with anything from a large on the spot fine, to ten years in prison. So with many still awaiting their holidays and many more travelling abroad, it pays to know where you’re welcome with your vape kit to avoid being caught out in a region you’re unfamiliar with.

Destinations where vaping is permitted

While not all countries come with a ten year prison sentence for vaping, it’s worth knowing where you can and can’t vape to avoid any difficult situations.

In places like Norway, Switzerland, Finland, New Zealand and Denmark the sale of e-cigarettes is restricted and there is a marketing ban that means e-cigarettes cannot be advertised. In spite of this, it is still legal to use your vaping device in these countries, but it would be wise to stock up for the trip as it’s unlikely that you could buy more vape liquid there.

Other places where vaping is permitted include:

The Netherlands

Although smoking in the above locations is permitted, certain countries are currently developing their e-cigarette laws. Australia, Spain and India are reviewing their e-cigarette policies so it’s worth double-checking before visiting any of these countries.

In the USA, some states are slowly beginning to regulate e-cigarettes too. Each state has different local laws concerning vaping indoors or in public spaces for example, so make sure you do your research.

Destinations where vaping is banned

South Africa, Queensland Australia, Denmark, Japan, New Zealand and Portugal ban cartridges and liquids containing nicotine, but it is possible to vape using nicotine free cartridges.

Although many countries allow vaping in some capacity, there are a handful of countries where using e-cigarettes comes with hefty consequences.

Countries where vaping is completely prohibited include:

Hong Kong
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
British Columbia


In certain regions or countries vaping is severely punished. In Hong Kong e-cigarettes are considered a Type 1 poison, which means that possession or sale of e-liquids is punishable by a £10,000 fine and two years in prison.

In Singapore vapers are similarly punished as anybody caught vaping could face up to a £4,000 fine. Vaping laws in India are inconsistent, however recently in the state of Punjab an India a man was sentenced to three years in prison for possession of one e-cigarette and eight cartridges.

In Noosa Heads, Australia, you can also be fined more than £5,500 for possessing an e-liquid which contains nicotine. Thankfully, the consequences for vaping in Brazil are less severe, with a fine of around £2.49 for every product confiscated.

If you are caught out in a foreign country and given a fine, pay it. If vaping ends in arrest, contact your embassy as soon as possible. Your embassy will get in touch with your family and provide details for local lawyers and interpreters if needed. But the best way to avoid such situations is research. Look into the specific laws of the country that you’re visiting and be respectful.


If you do find that vaping is banned in your destination of choice, there are a number of smoking replacements to get your fix abroad. To ensure you get your fill of nicotine carry nicotine gum, patches, inhalators or lozenges in your luggage.

Again it’s important to check whether these products are legal in the country that you are visiting but generally aids for smoking cessation are permitted. For example, though vaping is banned in Singapore, nicotine chewing gum is allowed as long as it has therapeutic value. This means you can chew nicotine gum. Similarly, laws in Croatia prohibit vaping but allow products like nicotine gum, patches or inhalators.

If it’s the physical habit and ritual of smoking that you miss, you could invest in the Crafe Away imitation cigarette, which simulate the taste and action of smoking without the nicotine or tar. Tate’s Stop Smoking lip balm also replicates the physical action involved in smoking and contains natural ingredients that help to stop cravings.

When you’re heading abroad, your holiday should be the experience of a lifetime and free from hassle and stress. To avoid any holiday dramas, do a little research into the local laws regarding e-cigarettes, as it could mean the difference between the best break ever and time spent forking out for a hefty fine or dealing with local law enforcement. Ultimately, when visiting another country, you should always be respectful of the local customs and mindful of different cultures and views.

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