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Planning your next trip and not quite sure where to travel to? The world is your oyster with locations all over the world from which to choose. These days International travel is easy as the world becomes smaller. Prices of tickets are falling with the number of airlines increasing yearly. However, you must consider Peru for your next travel destination. Over the last decade, the travel industry in this Andean country has grown to the point that the country receives hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Peru features three distinct regions each with their own attractions.

The Coast.

When arriving into Peru you will arrive into Lima the capital of Peru. The city in the past had been given a bad rap as dangerous and dirty. That may have been true but recently has undergone a transformation and now is considered one of the best food destinations on the planet. The Peruvian food movement has taken flight and the city is filled with fine dining experiences. Lima is mix of old world architecture in the center of the city and modern barrios that the young and wealthy Peruvians gather. The hip Peruvians head out of the city on weekends to their coastal houses so the modern parts of Lima like Miraflores are yours to explore almost alone.

Further north on the coast of Peru are many beachside towns that are worth spending some to exploring, like Mancora, which has a hippy vibe and a lot of cheap accommodation. If you love seafood than northern Peru is the place to be. While visiting the north try to see the ancient sites of Chan Chan and Senor de Sipan, these sites are worth a visit to learn about another culture other than the Incas.

Travel down the coast from Lima you will find one of the driest deserts on the planet. As part of desert you will find the small town of Nazca, not much happens in this sleepy little town apart from the great weather, but just outside of the town you will find the mysterious Nazca Lines. What is that you may ask? This is a series of drawings in the desert floor that are best seen by light plane that are said to have been made by the Nazca civilization. There are drawings of Monkeys, Lizards, Spiders and even a Spaceman. For what reason nobody seems to know but are a mystery of ancient history.

The Highlands.

What most people come to Peru to see is the Highlands of Peru and what they have to offer. You may have heard of the mighty Inca Empire, well here is where you will find the amazing constructions they left behind. The center of the universe for the Inca was the high Andean town of Cusco. Around an hour’s flight from Lima, Cusco is reminiscent of some old European cities, complete with colonial churches and red tiled roofs all this located in a valley surrounded by beautiful green mountains. Not far from Cusco is the naturally stunning Sacred Valley of the Incas. Again located in a lush green valley, the Valley is complete with raging rivers and some special Inca sites. The Sacred Valley is also home to the town of Pisac where you will find a great local craft market that is not only fabulous for buying local craft but if you are a photographer the photo opportunities are endless.

If you had not heard not far from Cusco is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu. Visited by thousands every year, this is the most famous Inca ruin of all and is a wonder of Inca technology. No visit to Peru would be complete without spending some time at Machu Picchu.

Also featured but not as visited is the town of Puno. This town is on the shores of Lake Titicaca, which is famous not only for its unusual name but also for the Uros Islands. These islands are home the Uros people who many centuries ago decided to make the lake their home. They made the islands out of reeds that grow locally on the lake. This is one of the most fascinating place you will ever have the chance to visit, so do not miss out.

The Amazon Basin.

When we think of the Amazon, most of us think of Brazil, but more than a third of Peru is covered by the Amazon Basin. For the nature lovers the Peruvian Jungle is a must see. The region features many luxury jungle lodges for you to stay and the nature on offer is beyond compare. Peru has two jungle regions, Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado. Iquitos is where you will find the luxury cruises and Maldonado where you will find the luxury lodges. In both areas, tourism is expanding every year so there is much to experience.

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