A luxury Guide of The Love City: 5 Top Vacation Villas in St John

St John Island is one of the most spectacular islands out of the United States Victoria Islands, (USVI). It’s dubbed the ‘Love City’ for its resplendent scenery and breathtakingly romantic topography. The Island is 4 miles away from the St Thomas east end. It’s replete with valleys and hills and has very few flat areas, giving it a rugged hilly feeling. 

St John is one of the safest islands for a vacation as it’s the home to the Virgin Islands National Park. This frees residents and tourists to enjoy all the pleasures that the island has to offer from the various water sports to the view of the coral reefs on the beach to hiking the trails where the historic sugar mills are located.  

If you have a romantic getaway planned, you should want to know where you’re going to be staying. This article explores 5 of the top Caribbean villas that St John has to offer to help you make an informed choice. 

The Hummingbird’s Seacret

From the beautiful play on words in its name, which refers to the sea around it, to the actual grandeur of this villa, the Hummingbird’s villa is one of the most breathtaking sights on the Island. The Villa is fully air-conditioned and has two ‘Master King’ suites. The expansive room is fitted with a Gourmet kitchen, a Living room, and a heated pool. 

The villa has an expansive deck in front of all the rooms to enable the occupants to enjoy cool breezes and access to the pool as well as a breathtaking view of the surrounding topography, offering a 280-degree view that overlooks the Great Cruz and the Chocolate Hole. Its location is only a stone throw from the Westin Beach, which makes it desirable to tourists. 

Idyllic Villa

The Idyllic Villa is located in a quiet residential area, which is perfect for tourists who want to have a close feel of the culture and lifestyle on the Island, making it one of the coziest Caribbean villas st johnhas.  

The indoor area has 3 large rooms and baths, decorated with island colors, and complemented with amazing artwork that depicts the wonders of the St John Island. It opens into a screened deck via a 4 door panel. Ensuring a great view and maximum safety.  

The Idyllic Villa is a short walk from two beaches and a short drive from the National park and the North Shore. 

Oceana Villa

The Oceana villa is a typical Caribbean styled villa that features a split unit air-conditioning in its 6 rooms and 6 baths. It has easy access and a great view. It’s ideal for a large contingent or large family.

The Oceana Villa uses a stone feel throughout showcasing amazing stone art to create walls that appear as if it was carved out and not made with mortar. It’s artsy with an ancient feel and yet fitted with modern fittings. An amazing experience indeed. 

Serenity Villa

This villa has large, fully air-conditioned rooms as well as boasts multiple dining options and decks. It has 2 Master fitted suites upstairs and one downstairs, making a total of three king size rooms fitted with Wi-Fi and cable TV. 

The Serenity Villa adds the native feel by surrounding itself with beautiful native gardens, which are complemented by a lovely pool and an amazing view of the sunset. Located in the residential area of Maria bluff, its entrance is heralded by an additional sitting area, perfect for cocktails and tea lending credence to its name; Serenity! What more could you ask for?

Monte Bay Villa

This 5 room house offers one of the best waterfront views on the island, overlooking the Rendezvous Bay with its calm and crystal waters. The Monte Bay Villa combines traditional Caribbean architecture with modern fittings. It’s ideal for a honeymoon or getaway that involves more than one couple.

The house is set just above the waters of Monte-Bay from where it derives its name, and it has a guest house just behind the main house. Both structures face southwest making the villa a sun lover’s dream with all the benefits of warm, long hours of sunshine and warm, soft breezes. 

Of these 5 amazing Caribbean villas St John boasts of, you’re certain to find a fit whether you’re traveling alone, with a significant other or a large contingent. Now you’re ready to make that trip! 

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