9 Easy Ways to Protect Home While You’re Away on a Vacation

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Usually, people flock to the airport and spend the months of July and August somewhere else. As such, these are also the months when burglaries are on the rise. 

Maybe you already booked your trip and packed your things. But before boarding the plane, you should think of ways how you can protect your home while you are away on vacation.  Alarm system homes are much less likely to get burgled, so it might be wise to consider having an alarm system installed.

Fortunately, you can also follow a couple of handy tips to protect your home while you are on vacation. The best part? Some of these would require very little investment or forethought. 

1. Install outdoor security lights

When searching for a way inside, burglars will likely search for usually dark and hidden areas from view. 

Fortunately, you can light up these spots when you install outdoor security lights. We suggest that you install these lights at the back door or the sides of your house, as these are burglar-prone areas. 

You’d find that some models of security lights are motion-activated or will switch on only at night. Thus, you shouldn’t worry about electric consumption. 

2. Lock the doors and windows

Now this one might be too obvious to mention, but do you know that 32% enter through locked doors

Windows have weak points as well. Thus, you should keep them closed and locked at all times. Do this for all your windows, including the windows on the upper floor of your house. That’s because burglars tend to break in through these openings. 

Apart from that, any open window in your house might let in animals, the rain, or the wind. 

3. Don’t leave a spare key

You’ve probably thought of leaving a spare key somewhere in your house. It can be above your door frame, beneath your flowerpot, or someplace in your home where you think no one will find it. 

However, seasoned criminals will look long and hard to find it. 

So, if you don’t want to hand a thief the key to your house, We Buy Any House recommend not to leave a spare key.. If it can’t be helped, leave it to your trusted neighbor for safekeeping instead. 

4. Install a video doorbell

Installing a video doorbell in your home allows you to answer your front door anywhere. 

Every time someone rings the doorbell to your home, you’d be alerted on your phone. That way, you can speak to your visitor in real-time. 

Even if you don’t have a signal, or you’re trekking a mountain, you’ll still gain access to a log of video clips afterward. 

Some models offer motion-detection capabilities. That way, you’ll still be alerted if there’s someone outside your home, even if they don’t ring your doorbell.

5. Invest in an alarm system

One of the first defense lines for burglaries is installing a home security system featuring door and window sensors. 

Some systems let you monitor your house through CCTV while you’re away. But if you’re traveling somewhere with unreliable data coverage, having these alerts on your phone won’t do much. 

You can even hire a professional who provides alarm interactive residential services. They can help find the right security product that will suit your needs. This includes an alarm system that can notify the authorities in case of a break-in.

6. Avoid posting on social media

Another well-known fact is not to advertise your vacations online, or anywhere for that matter. 

As much as possible, try to keep a low profile on social media. You don’t have to post your vacation photos in real-time.

You can try posting them after you return home from your recent trip. 

It would help if you also double-check social media sites to ensure that your address isn’t readily available to anyone searching for it. 

You should also delete previous posts, party invites, or events on Facebook that might include your phone number. 

These days, it’s all too easy for you to do a quick search on Google and linking a phone number to a specific address. 

7. Ask someone to check your house

Although you can put a hold on to the mail, you’re getting. You can’t predict getting random flyers or your orders on Amazon piling at your door. 

By having a friend or relative stop by once in a while, you’ll avoid leaving out these unexpected deliveries. 

Similarly, you’ll also get to have regular routines from being carried out. Don’t forget to compensate these people for their help as well. 

8. Upgrade your door with a smart lock

Installing a smart lock allows you to unlock the door remotely using your smartphone. This includes re-setting your passcode to ensure that burglars can have a challenging time figuring it out.

If you live with other people who chose to stay behind for some reason, you can monitor who enters and leaves your house. There is no need to give spare keys, and you have complete control of who can go in and out of your home.

9. Unplug all your non-essential electronics

The electricity that your unused appliances are consuming is called “standby electricity.” It contributes about 5-10% of the total electricity cost per household.

That said, you should unplug all your non-essential electronics while you are on vacation. This includes your computer, coffee maker, fans, lamps, TV, and more.

Doing so can minimize the risk of a house fire. It also allows you to save on your household expenses.

The Key Takeaway

If you are excited about your upcoming vacation, it is all too easy to forget to secure the things you will leave behind. 

You wouldn’t want to be left wondering whether you locked the doors and windows, removed the iron’s plug, or left the garage door open. 

To recap, here are nine things you can do to secure your home while you are on vacation:

  1. Install outdoor security lights
  2. Lock the doors and windows
  3. Don’t leave a spare key
  4. Install a video doorbell
  5. Invest in an alarm system
  6. Avoid posting on social media
  7. Ask someone to check your house
  8. Upgrade your door with a smart lock
  9. Unplug all your non-essential electronics

Following these handy home security tips will ensure that you will not return to your home unpleasantly surprised.

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