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8 Simple Tips to Safely Socialize Your Dog

Dogs are social animals that need to have a constant company with them. While your dog might think of you as the center of their universe, they need to socialize with other dogs as well. Here are some tips that can help you successfully socialize your dog.

Find the Right Place

Where you choose to socialize, your dog is vital. Your house or the house of any other pet parent is not the best idea. At your home, your dog will have his guards up and treat the other dogs as intruders. At another pet parent’s house, your dog will feel like an intruder and be too scared to socialize. Meet other pets at a dog park where your dog is used to going. The neutral ground allows the dogs to feel comfortable.

Pay Attention to Body Language

Read your dog’s body language when trying to socialize. Ears and tail down are a symbol of fear. If they lower their head, raise their ears and fur then they may be getting ready to lash out. Your dog should have their tongue out and a wagging tail. Your dog should not be stiff and cowering.

Give it Time

If your dog is uncomfortable, do not let other dogs come near them. Start slowly by just making your dog see other dogs playing. When they feel comfortable, only then allow other dogs to approach. Take the process slow to avoid any unwanted situations.

Keep Rewards Ready

Incentives are necessary when training your dog to do anything. If your dog is behaving well with other dogs, you can give them a small piece of treat. See that your dog is not being aggressive towards other dogs or are not pushing them down. Carry only little bits of treat so that there is no creation of food aggression.

Carry a Bowl and Water

Playing with other dogs will get your dog dehydrated fast. Some dog breeds also end up getting overheated. Carry a bowl and lots of water. Other dogs will be sharing the bowl of water as well. Sharing water bowls can allow transmission of parasites. Order dog Interceptor and give it to your dog on a regular basis to avoid worms from other dogs infesting your dog.

Avoid Carrying Toys

Many pet parents carry toys when trying to socialize their pets. Avoid making a mistake. While some very timid pets feel comfortable with their toys around, other dogs will want the toy as well. Dogs can end up getting aggressive while trying to get the toy.

Repeat Play Dates

Even if your first attempt at socializing does not go well, you need to keep trying. Seeing other dogs on a regular basis will put your dog at ease. Slowly your dog too will want to meet the other dogs.

Keep Your Dog Safe

You never know what disease or parasite your dog might catch from other dogs. Keep your dog safe by regularly vaccinating them and order dog Interceptor as well. Order dog Interceptor too keeps your dog safe from worms. Get them treated to prevent communicable diseases at bay.

Allow your dog to socialize with other dogs while ensuring their safety comfortably.

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