8 Reasons Why You Should Travel Now

People often have the desire to go travelling, but always have a reason to put it off. Sometimes it’s because people are afraid that if they  put off ‘life’- the working, career building, marrying and having kids part-that somehow they’ll miss the boat. However, the irony is, travelling is also ‘living’ life and you could miss the window of opportunity for travelling. Some people are nervous about leaving their jobs and embarking on the unknown, some feel they don’t have enough money and others would rather have someone to go travelling with.

But think about it this way- are you going to wait until you have a hip replacement or need a walking stick before you finally go and do the things you dream of doing? If you’re thinking about travelling but you need that little push to go ahead and do it, here are my reasons why you SHOULD go travelling.

  1. You are born into this life with nothing and you will leave with nothing– so it’s a question of what to do in between. Do you need to spend your life accumulating clutter, material possessions and paying off a mortgage? You can’t take them with you when you hit the bucket. Or do you live your life to the fullest and have some stories to tell?
  2. My journalism tutor once said to me “Despite what people say Victoria, life is actually incredibly long.” What she meant by that is you can achieve and accomplish so much in a short space of time, and when you’re young you have the rest of your life to worry about the settling down and working and worrying about your offspring coming home with piercings. When you’re travelling around the world, it’s amazing how many places and adventures you can pack into a year and sometimes it’s hard to believe you’ve only been away from home a couple of months.
  3. Travel while you are young. Let’s face it, we don’t age backwards. It’s a little ironic that when we are at our best and our most youthful, we have less money. But travel while you’re carefree, healthy, at your best and not worried about your body heading south. Don’t tell yourself you’ll wait until you retire to enjoy yourself.
  4. Don’t let society scare you into thinking it’s just not possible to pack up your bags, quit your day job and travel the world, because it is. People are so often scared of the thought of what might happen, the problems they might run into and how they’ll find another job when it’s all over you and all they have is their backpack. There is so much pressure to build a ‘career’ and work your way up the ladder…but is it really what you want if you only get 2 weeks holiday a year? You never know- you might find a totally different goal in life when you’re on the road- when you open yourself up to travel, you open yourself up to possibilities.
  5. Don’t worry about running out of money. Think of it this way- there are 365 days in a year. To stay alive you need food and water. Water is free. So you need three meals a day for 365 days of the year, as long as you have the money for that, you can do pretty much anything. Look at Ramon Stoppelenburg, he travelled the world without any money visiting people who let him into their homes through his Let Me Stay For A Day website. When you’re in a foreign country and you run out of money, survival instinct to find work usually kicks in anyway.
  6. Travelling is good for the soul– You get to meet a bunch of really cool people from all walks of life. You make your best friends on the road and share life-changing experiences with them. Travelling brings you knowledge about the world that you couldn’t learn in a school textbook and you get to see things, smell things and hear things that you’ve never done before. Most of all you get to have fun, try out new things, jump off cliffs, dive out of planes, eat local delicacies and improve your languages. The more you expose yourself to new things, the more you discover about yourself, your interests and your talents and sometimes you might even meet someone to love.
  7. There is a world out there for us to explore– Do the best things first. Yes you heard me. Don’t spend your life saying, I’ll save all the best stuff for last. You may find the end comes a lot sooner than you’d hoped. Travel these days is made so much easier with cheap fares to a number of destinations, plus the world’s actually pretty small if you think about it. So see it before it’s too late.  Do the things you’ve always wanted to do, face your fears and take yourself out of your comfort zone.
  8. Life is made up of moments and memories, and through travelling you’ll certainly have a ton of those. I quote I heard recently- Leave only foosteps. Take only memories.

2 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why You Should Travel Now”

  1. I somehow stumbled upon your site, and I’m very impressed. I’m just finishing a bachelor’s degree, and you are making me have cold feet about settling down!

    You’re awesome, stay gold!!

  2. Good suggestions. But it’s important we think of travel not just as something to go and do and then leave behind. The world is constantly changing and offers amazing opportunities to those who seek them out. I like to view travel as auditioning the home of my next business, or even the next home of me. Even after the college years, travel can provide great insight. I own a home, have bills, and still spend most of each year visiting far-flung places around the world.

    I like your tips for helping people get past the fear mindset and get out there. Once you do, you’ll realize all the worst case scenarios are just that. And you’ll never want to stop.

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