14 Feb 7 Reasons to Visit Greece in 2018

There are tons of holidays looking to entice us as we go into 2018, but for many of us it’s Greece and its islands that give the best mix of experience, culture, sunshine and value. It’s been a mainstay for decades, but that’s no reason to think you’ve seen it all before. 2018 is likely to be the year this country’s tourism really shines. Read on to find out why…

It’s never been more popular

With figures for 2017’s Greek tourism outpacing even 2016’s lofty 28 million visitors, 2018 sees Greece upping its game even more. The annual report from ABTA cited a 7% increase in British visitors to Greece last year. The country’s doing its bit to welcome even more visitors in 2018, so expect themed holiday deals around food, wine and history, as well as growing popularity for islands like Kos and Kefalonia.

Ian Crawford, representative for travel retailer Holiday Hypermarket, commented, “It’s fantastic seeing so much interest in Greece and its islands. Brits are more interested than ever in the good food and authentic family values found here, as well as the warm climate and the massive variety in things to see and do. Upcoming package deals will reflect that range all the more.”

It’s easy to reach

Greece is well connected wherever you choose to roam, and airlines are doing their bit to make it easier to get to and from Greece directly. EasyJet is among the airlines opening up even more direct routes to Greece this year, and that trend is set to continue. You can even island hop by boat to add further variety to your trip.

The hotels are lush

Even the most exquisite Greek hotels are reaching new heights in 2018. That’s especially true in Halkidiki, the peninsula on mainland Greece where hotel investment is booming. That means beachfront balconies aplenty, with an outlook that puts family values first. Not only this, but leading travel group TUI has pledged to help keep Greek tourism strong.

Holiday Hypermarket’s Ian Crawford adds, “Greece is no longer going to be a place where local shops shut outside the summer season, but rather a year-round destination in the truest sense” he noted. “We’re working closely with local businesses and entrepreneurs to make the best of Greece and let its islands shine for all to see.”

The weather

It may seem obvious, but it can’t be emphasised enough how superb the weather in Greece is all year round. The islands and the southern fringes of the mainland enjoy the most sunshine, while even the warm northern areas benefit from a balmy yet more continental climate.

You haven’t seen it all

Greece is vast and varied. You might have visited a dozen times, maybe taking in a new city or island each time, but there’s always more to see. Cosy hilltop villages on the island of Skyros and the forgotten castles of the Mani peninsula await the bold, so don’t stick to the tried and tested destinations alone. Halkidiki is fast becoming the new darling of mainland Greece thanks to its revitalised beaches and modern hotels, while authentic Greek island charm can be found on lazy Skiathos.

Authentic cuisine

Just as you’d not go to Greece expecting pie and chips as good as back home, Greek food you’ve tried pales in comparison to the real deal. What’s more, there’s lots of treats they’ve kept under their hats here, like the exquisite cheeses made on the tiny farmland island of Naxos. More than just feta, it includes tangy mizithra and creamy graviera.

It’s a mix of old and new

While you’ll find ruins and museums around every corner, there’s plenty of modern thinking going on here too. The contrast of old and new is spellbinding, with the classic island of Tinos and its 700 churches representing tradition wonderfully. Meanwhile, the similarly named Tilos is the first island in the Med to run entirely on green energy.

Greece is a wonderland of hidden sights and beloved destinations, and 2018 could be its most popular year yet. The only question is, where to visit first?

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