7 Privacy Tips to Follow for Safe Travelling

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Travelling is not a smooth operation and keeping your privacy intact is one of the biggest challenges travellers face since the digital transformation. The Internet has undoubtedly made travelling easier but also it aids hackers to hunt easy targets that causes millions of travelers to become victims of identity theft every year.

Therefore, to keep yourself excluded from the list of victims make sure to take these precautions to save yourself from any privacy issues while travelling.

Do not Use Public WiFi

Travelers are usually hunting for free public Wi-Fi to spend time by streaming top movies on Amazon Prime or just scrolling social media pages. Little they know that public Wi-Fi is the hub for hackers who are always active to steal the stored data from your devices.

Therefore, refrain from using public Wi-Fi while travelling and instead bring your portable Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot or use a VPN to encrypt your data.

Use Passwords and Multi-Factor Authentication

Phones getting misplaced or stolen is one of the common things that happen in travelling. Since the digital transformation, every sensitive information is put in on mobile devices from emails to credit card information. 

So, prepare for the worst-case scenario, log out from all apps, put password protection on your gallery and use multifactor authentication for logging into your banking and social media apps. Moreover, use fingerprint and strong password to unblock your phone so thieves must factory reset your phone to access it.

Get Tracking Tools

Phone tracking is a must-follow travelling prerequisite. Leaving a phone in the hotel, restaurants or airport is a most usually occurring instance in travelling. Get a tracking app installed in your phone so you detect the exact location of your phone and if somebody picks it up you can destroy the data to keep your sensitive information secure.

Charge Phone with Power Bank

In desperation, travelers tend to use third party computer ports to charge their mobile devices and become victims of malware attacks. So, always use a power bank to charge your electronic devices. Use the public kiosks to charge your power bank and do not connect any device directly to any third party sockets.

Only Bring Necessities

You only require a passport for your identification to travel abroad. There is no need to bring your social security card or any other official document with you. On the safe side, get a color copy of your password to carry around and keep your original one in a safe place.

Moreover, if you are going on a business purpose then leave all your personal belongings including laptop and cellphone at home and ask your employer to provide one for the trip.  

Monitor Bank Statement Regularly

Credit card fraud and information leak are the most frequently occurring incidents on a trip. When you are away from home, you are on your own to keep an eye on any suspicious activity  from your account. Constant monitoring on your bank account can help you to instantly report to credit card companies and banks about any suspicious and unknown activity from your bank account.

Avoid Posting Anything Live on Social Media

You never know who is staging to rob you on the trip. Travelers share their live videos and even share trip’s agenda on social media that alert the thieves to stage robbing at perfect time. Do not fall into the trap of flexing and keep your trip’s images to yourself and post them later on social media accounts when you get home or leave the place.

Wrapping Up:

The more precaution you take the better but it should not ruin your travelling fun time. So, make sure to follow at least these mentioned guidelines to enjoy your travelling carefree. 

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