7 Exciting Weekend Activities Things to Do in Newport Beach, CA

As of 2020, about 83,000 people live in Newport Beach, California. 

Whether you’re going to move to Newport Beach or just going to visit, there is always something going on that can keep you entertained. 

There are plenty of things to do in Newport Beach, ranging from water activities to just touring the beautiful city. 

1. Visit Crystal Cove State Park

While you’re there you should visit Crystal Cove State Park. This park is so big that you could probably spend an entire day here, possibly even two. In Orange County, Crystal Cove State Park is the largest natural protected area.

The nature is beautiful here, and you’ll love the thousands of acres of pure wilderness. 

You’ll also find the Historic District. All kinds of movies were filmed here, so you can probably recognize it as a backdrop for your favorite movies. This district will also be perfect for your photography as the district seems like it was frozen in time from the 1920s.  

2. Go to Balboa Island

Off of Newport Beach sits Balboa Island, you’ll find one of the many man-made islands. 

These are the perfect place for a weekend getaway. If you want a romantic getaway or a family trip, you’ll find something for everyone at Balboa Island. While this is technically on the west coast of the United States, it has a very East Coast feel. 

This island is famous for the frozen bananas, so you have to make sure you order some of those before you leave the island. In addition to chocolate-covered frozen bananas, there are plenty of other restaurants and snacks that you want to try while you’re there. 

In addition to quaint little restaurants, there are local shops where you can buy souvenirs or mementos to help you remember your fun times while you were here. 

When you’re done shopping and driving around, you can walk down the boardwalk and enjoy a beautiful sunset over the water.

3. Visit Some Piers

Speaking of beautiful sunsets, there are so many piers in Newport Beach you have to check out before you leave. 

At the end of one pier, you’ll find an original Ruby. This is a chain that looks like a diner from the 40s, and they have tasty burgers. They can be a little bit pricey, but the price is worth it for the experience.

After you have your meal there, you won’t be too far away from the Balboa Fun Zone or the place where the Balboa Island Ferry launches from. 

4. Go to the Wedge and Watch Surfers

If you’re a surfer, you definitely have to head out to the water and catch some of the gigantic waves that crash onto Newport Beach. 

If surfing isn’t really your thing, it can still be fun to just watch all the surfers that attempt to ride the waves. You can watch them from the beach, which is a great place, but The Wedge will give you the best vantage point. 

The Wedge is at the end of the Balboa Pier, and it’s about 30 feet above the water. You’ll definitely enjoy having fun watching people either look super awesome riding a wave or end up breaking their board and wiping out underneath the waves. 

5. Head to the Balboa Peninsula

This small neighborhood on the peninsula was actually named after Vasco Nunez de Balboa, who was the Spanish explorer who discovered it. There is a bunch of history as well. The Pavilion was built in 1906, making it the oldest building left on the peninsula. Now, it’s also a marine recreational facility.

Everyone in this quiet little neighborhood is really friendly and welcoming, and they offer all kinds of things to do. You can, of course, visit the beach, and soak up some of the Pacific Ocean views. 

Some of the activities include visiting the Balboa Pier, the Newport Pier, or the Balboa Fun Zone. The Balboa Fun Zone by itself will take up a full day of family-fun activities. 

If you were interested in more of a night-time vibe, the peninsula also has a great nightlife scene with plenty of bars to choose from. 

6. Orange County Musem of Art

If you’re more of an art person, you can always pay a visit to the Orange County Museum of Art. 

This museum has thousands of different pieces of art, and it’s one of California’s best art museums. 

If you want to go, you’ll have to pay $10 for adults, $7.50 for anyone with a student ID, or who’s a senior. If you have children 12 or under, it’s free for them. However, if you go on a Friday, it can be free for everyone. 

7. Rent a Boat

In Newport Beach, Duffy Boats are extremely popular to rent out for the weekend. There are so many companies to choose from, but make sure you go early in the morning before they all get rented out.

If you’ve never been on one before, a Duffy boat is just a small electric boat. You can fit about 12 people comfortably on it underneath the boat’s canopy top. 

Even if you’ve never driven a boat before, they will still let you drive one around the local bay. It can be fun to just head out to the waters and enjoy a day seeing Newport Beach from a different perspective. 

Discover More Things to Do in Newport Beach

These are only a few things to do in Newport Beach, but there are so many more fun activities that you can find.

If you’re still not sure what you think you should do in the area, try asking some of the locals. They’re really friendly and will be more than willing to recommend something to you.

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