6 Simple Hacks to manage your Luggage better on your next trip

The biggest fear that every traveller face is about getting their luggage stolen while travelling. Travelling without luggage is certainly not possible and a lot of bags or suitcase will definitely become a liability when you are planning to travel. People need to pack their essentials, clothes, electronics and a lot of other stuff to fulfill their daily needs and other purposes. We understand that it is hard to leave your favourite dress behind while planning a trip but it is also necessary to pack your stuff carefully to avoid a lot of baggage which could be troublesome while travelling.

Especially if you are traveling to a busy city like New York, you need to be extra careful with your luggage as you might need to move swiftly between places. If you are traveling to a busy city like New York, you need to be extra careful with your luggage, especially if you have checked out of your Airbnb and waiting for a late flight. Having to drag your stuff around New York is no fun, but luckily, services like Stasher offer secure and affordable luggage storage in NYC.

Luggage storage in new york services might help you overcome this problem. Apart from that, you need to follow certain steps to protect your luggage from theft or damage. 

1. Try to reduce the number of bags: 

If you are planning a vacation or going to a business trip, you need to carry clothes and a lot of other stuff with you. For instance, you will be packing your laptop or camera in a separate bag and clothes or documents in other. Carrying two bags is easy but this could be troublesome when the number increases. It is hard to carry multiple bags or suitcase at the same time and it’s even harder to keep an eye on every one of them while travelling. Instead of packing your stuff in numerous small bags, you can go for a trolley bag for a large backpack to accumulate your essentials in one place only.

2. Secure your luggage with locks

There are a lot of small locks available especially for securing luggage which you can buy from any utility store or simply order online. Even though these locks are small, they are very hard to open which eliminates the risk of any missing elements from your bag while you fall asleep or place your luggage somewhere else. 

3. Prefer carry on backpacks or strap on bags

If you are carrying electronics like laptops, camera or any other expensive stuff, you can securely place it in a backpack or cross body bag. You can use a suitcase or trolley bag for your clothes and other stuff but keeping your essentials close to you is important. You can always leave your clothes behind at the hotel stuff in your large bag and carry the important stuff in a backpack.

4. Keep an inventory of your stuff

It is essential to note down what you have packed so that it will be easier to check your stuff while repacking it during your move. Taking pictures of what you have packed is a very convenient and great option in order to keep track of your stuff. 

5. Use GPS trackers

As the technology is emerging day by day, there are a lot of small size GPS tracker is available in market which you can place in your bag and track it easily from your smartphone.

6. Securely store your luggage in individual storage lockers

This is one of the best ways to keep your luggage secure. You can easily use online applications like vertoe to find storage lockers near you and and even book them for your desired time and duration.

There are a lot of individual luggage storage providers in new york where you can store your luggage at very reasonable prices and roam freely without the worry of your stuff being stolen. 

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