6 Jobs That Let You Travel

If you love to travel, you’re not alone. So many people dream of seeing the world. They long for their vacation days so that they can go explore new places.

But, like most people, you probably don’t get to travel as much as you would like to. It’s expensive, and you have so many responsibilities that get in the way, the main culprit being your 9-5 job. 

So, why not get a job that gives you the freedom to travel? You’ll get away more than you ever thought you could. You’ll even get paid for it. 

The good news is that there are tons of travel-friendly jobs. In this article, we go over some of the best ones. Read on to find the one that’s right for you. 

1. Contractor

If you’re looking for a very active job, consider becoming a contractor.

Contractors can specialize in many different kinds of work. They might paint, coordinate construction projects, install plumbing, etc. Contracts are in high demand worldwide. Some travel out of the state or even country to work on projects. Even better is that you can choose to work for a company or for yourself. 

This industry might be totally new to you, so use a website like contractortrainingcenter.com to learn the qualifications you need for your desired specialty. 

2. Truck Driver 

Truck driving is an accessible career as it requires no degree. You will have to go to truck driving school, pass a drug test, etc. But, once you meet these requirements, a professional company will be ready to hire you. 

Truck driving requires lots of hard work and patience. You will need endurance to stay awake behind the wheels for long hours. 

The good news is that you’ll get to drive through all kinds of towns, cities, and landscapes. And, when you stop to rest, you can spend this time how you wish. You can explore new areas, meet new people, etc. 

3. Pilot/Flight Attendant 

If your preferred method of transportation is plane, why not become a pilot or flight attendant? 

Both of these positions require training and offer decent salaries. You’ll get to travel all over the country and the world, even when you’re on the clock. Most airlines offer their employees discounted or even free flights. So, this means you can travel for cheap on your time off. 

4. Freelancer

Depending on your skills, you can be a freelancer for many industries. You might write content for blogs or other websites. You might take photographs or edit videos. You might design websites or act as a social media consultant. 

As a freelancer, you won’t be tied down to an office. You can work right from your laptop anywhere in the world. Best of all, you can set your own hours and be your own boss. 

5. Au-Pair

Au-pair jobs are ideal for younger people who want to travel. As an au-pair, you’ll live with a host family in a foreign country. You’ll be responsible for taking care of the family’s children. 

Au-pairs don’t make high salary, but your host family usually pays for all of your expenses. Other perks include being able to explore the country on your time off, developing your skills in a second language, etc.  

6. Archeologist

If you love history and discovering new things, become an archeologist. Archeologists have the chance to go on expeditions all over the world. You’ll have to go through intense training and obtain at least a master’s degree. 

If you don’t have a master’s degree, you can still get in on the excitement. You might qualify for a lower-level position on an expedition. 

Bottom Line

They say that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. So, if you love to travel, consider getting one of these travel-friendly jobs! 

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