6 Helpful Tips to Plan a Beach Vacation with a Limited Budget

Going to the beach is something people of all ages enjoy! For adults, the sound of the ocean and smell of the salt air is relaxing and for kids, the sand and surf provides hours of entertainment and fun.

However, if you are like many people, you may have a limited budget when it comes to taking a vacation. The good news is, even with limited funds, you can enjoy the beach and all it has to offer.

Learn more about how to make the most of a tight budget and still have an amazing beach vacation here.

  1. Create a Budget Now

When you are ready to plan your beach vacation, you need to account for all the fees and costs you will incur. This should include travel related expenses, car rental fees, accommodations, and more.

Also, don’t forget about miscellaneous expenses, such as toys and activities for the kids. It’s a good idea to buy these ahead of time, using websites like BeachRated, where you can find great deals. If you buy then at the beach, you are going to have to spend much more for the same items.

  1. Plan a Staycation at a Local Beach

You don’t have to travel very far to have a great beach vacation. There are more than a few family-friendly and affordable beach destinations in the U.S. you can enjoy. Pack a lunch and go to a beach nearby for the day – or camp out on the beach.

Doing this will help you save on travel costs. If you don’t live close to a beach, then consider hosting a pool party. You can have the same fun, without having to pay the high travel costs.

  1. Avoid Peak Beach Times

Weekends and major holidays are the busiest times for most beach communities. In fact, hotels are going to charge peak season rates between Memorial Dan and Labor Day.

If you can, plan a getaway during the week, or plan your vacation in September when the rates are lower, and school is back in session.

  1. Choose a Beach that’s Not as Popular

When it comes to your beach vacation, location matters. However, this doesn’t mean you have to choose one that’s extremely well known. While beaches such as Santa Monica, Myrtle Beach and Miami Beach are hot destinations, it doesn’t mean you can’t visit a neighboring, less popular beach town. Chances are, there will be less people and more affordable prices.

  1. Consider Renting a Vacation Home or Condo

Hotels aren’t the only option when you are traveling. In fact, it isn’t always the best option when it comes to your budget or to your sanity.

A more affordable option to consider is a vacation home. You can usually rent these for an entire week for a lower price than a hotel. These also provide the additional benefit of a kitchen, so you don’t have to eat out for every meal.

  1. Plan Ahead for Your Activities

When you are trying to plan an affordable beach vacation, you should consider what everyone wants to do. Make sure you factor this into your budget.

If you want to do things like surfing or snorkeling, you are going to have to have the gear, and in some cases, instructors. Be sure to find out how much this costs ahead of time, so you know if it is something that works with your budget.

Planning a beach vacation doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but you do need to plan ahead. This will help ensure everyone has a great time.

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