5 Travel Hacks for Solo Female Travelers

Traveling is one of the most liberating activities, especially when you are a woman and decide to go alone. If you’re headed for your first international solo trip, you need to keep a few hacks in mind. These will not only make your experience better but also save you safe.

Best hacks for solo female travelers

Traveling solo is daunting as much as exciting. To have a lifetime experience full of fun and learning, find out how to go about a solo trip:

1.Choose a suitable destination

We cannot help but admit that not all parts of the world are safe to travel alone for a female. You need to choose a place where you’re secure. Your interests do matter but how you can communicate and how you ensure safety are also aspects to consider.

The safest places for solo female travelers include Rome, New York, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Montreal, Chiang Mai, Bali, Havana, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malta, Toronto, among others. If you plan to visit any of these places for your first solo international trip, you have fewer things to worry about. So, depending on your interests or your bucket list, you know where to go already!

2. Booking flights and stays

Once you choose the place and you know the days you have an off from work, you can book flights and hotels. Booking flights in advance and selecting third-party websites like Skyscanner can save you heaps of money.

When booking accommodation, you need to keep safety in mind again. Choose a hotel that is not just well-reviewed but also well located. Hotels around the city that is always full of hustle-bustle is better than saving a few dollars and staying in a quieter area.

Check out TripAdvisor to find out the best hotels or backpacking hostels for solo female travelers. The suggestions will assure safety and easy accessibility you anything you could need.

3. Safety tips

Safety is necessary irrespective of traveling solo or with people. You need to be more alert when you’re new in a place. Check out the best tips to keep yourself safe and make your journey memorable:

  • You need to know about the culture, belief, and lifestyle of the people when you visit a new place. For example, temples in Bali and Thailand need you to cover your legs before entering. You need to familiarize with such rules to not land in trouble.
  • You never know intensions of strangers, so it is smart to maintain a low-profile. For example, don’t show off gadgets or wear expensive jewelry to keep away theft or physical assault.
  • Buy an international SIM card to keep in touch with your loved ones. Even if they can’t reach out to you physically, they can help you with suggestions and recommendations.

4. Meet like minded people

Traveling alone is fun, but what if you get a travel buddy to share your experiences with? Your journey would be added with more fun and memories. We recommend you to download the Tourlina app on your Android or iOS devices to find other solo female travelers visiting the same place as you are.

Tourlina is a non-dating app and is entirely safe. It lets other women share similar travel goals, itinerary, and interests like yours. You have to match fellow travelers by swiping right as you do on most dating apps and then talk about your travel plans. Most people already add details about their upcoming tours in their bio, and you might want to join them. 

You might also make friends who share the same dream destination as you do. It just makes things better, safer, and lets you find a friend in another country. Tourlina only allows verified users, so you’re going to talk to real people with real IDs and not fake accounts.

5. Packing

Although the key is to pack light, you need to know the bare essentials you must have. You need to pack clothes according to where you go and what time you visit. Consider the weather condition and the type of clothes people wear not just to fit in, but to abide by rules if any!

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