5 Things to Do in Detroit

So you’re planning a trip to Detroit? Well, it’s a good thing you have the best travel insurance because Detroit isn’t going to let you leave its culture-filled streets. Whether you go to experience the history of the automotive industry, its unique restaurants, or get a glimpse of what motown once was, you’ll find yourself in a city full of heart and diversity. Who wants to leave a place like that? No one. So, here’s a list of things to do that’ll have you visiting again and again.   

1. Food

Selden Standard

Selden Standard is found in Detroit’s midtown area, which is perfect for visitors because they’ll get to experience the vibrant, modern life of Detroit. Its location is perfect due to its close proximity to Wayne State University, small coffee shops, and other small plate restaurants. It’ll give you that stylish New American vibe that you’ve been craving to experience.

Green Dot Stables

This New American Restaurant is located on West Lafayette, and it’ll give you just enough food to fill a lingering appetite. Oh, and its bottled beers make every slider taste that much better. If you’d like to know what all the craze is about at Green Dot Stables, it’s all about the corned beef sliders and truffle herb fries.

Detroit’s Mexicantown

There’s a reason Mexicantown has its own section, it’s because the restaurants are all too fulfilling to single one out. Mexicantown lives on Bagley Street and Vernor Highway, so the options of what to enjoy are endless, so, expect a handful of authentic, Mexican dishes to fill that hunger void of yours.

Bobcat Bonnie’s

Bobcat Bonnie’s is known as Corktown’s neighborhood gastropub. Why? Its craft beers and cocktails are amazing, and the food? Even better. Their menu ranges from shareable sweet and savory items to housemade skillets and hashes, which can be even more enjoyable while dining in a 150-year-old building. The restaurant itself is a warm-colored, brick building with plenty of colors to spice it up.


After a fire, once named Katoi, Takoi announced its comeback by proving its a place you should be. From its artsy, shareable plates to its super hip-cultured interior, Takoi is a great hangout spot, and to mention, it’s colorful, low-lighting makes Southeast Asian dishes way more irresistible than they are by themselves.

2. Eastern Market

Eastern Market acquires over 150 vendors and is the largest historic district in the United States, and aside from its five sheds of wholesale produce, the graffiti on nearly every wall will blow your mind. If you’re looking for a place of undeniably, fresh value this market should be at the top of your list. You can find fresh meats, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, herbs, and even natural skin care products at some sheds. Outside of the sheds, you can expect to find a couple of antique and vintage shops that carry many of Detroit’s oldest items.

3. Museums


If you’re looking for a museum that consists of contemporary visual, literary, and performing arts, the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit is for you. The unique thing about this museum is that it exhibits personal projects from a wide array of cultures, and is filled with art that pushes cultural boundaries and is also a perfect representation of Detroit’s very own contemporary culture. MOCAD is located in Detroit’s midtown on Woodward Avenue between the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the Detroit Institute of the Arts. When you visit, be sure to try some treats and beverages at Café 78, located inside of the museum. 

The Heidelberg Project

If you’re in Detroit when the weather is toasty, try this outdoor art museum. The Heidelberg Project is an urban museum and organization that is dedicated to bettering the lives of its surrounding communities through its art. The project makes a simple statement, that all people should be able to express their culture in their communities without restraints on how and when to express. Tyree Guyton, the artist behind the act, made sure to rebuild the project after the city demolished it in November of 1991, which then gave Guyton an even better approach to the project. Now, it has become a very important landmark for the city.

Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History

This museum strictly celebrates the lives of African Americans and gives an experience to its visitors like no other. With over 35,000 artifacts, the museum covers everything from the underground railroad, to Coleman A. Young. Expect to be a part of the And Still We Rise: Our Journey Through African-American History and Culture tour and exhibition. The exhibition is a 22,0000 square foot, making it the largest African-American exhibit in the world.

4. Hotels

The Foundation Hotel—The Apparatus Room (Thursdays)

The Detroit News named this hotel one of Detroit’s must-see and stay hotels. There’s a lot going on here, to say the least, but in a phenomenal way. Walking in, you would expect to get your keys and go to your room, but expect to see live events and performances in its restaurant, The Apparatus Room, by Detroit singers and other artists.

Shinola Hotel Detroit

If you love a timeless-styled hotel or environment in general, this hotel will be your next stay.

The Shinola Hotel is located on Woodward ave, and is based on the history of Detroit’s gigantic automotive industry. The Shinola Hotel is now what was known as the downtown SingerBuilding and Rayl’s Co. Store. If you’re not familiar with Shinola, it began in 2011, making watches, leather goods, and bicycles.

5. Nightlife

Motor City Wine

If you’re in need of a night out to kick back and relax while traveling, Motor City Wine has you covered. They have a large choice of retail wine that changes weekly, so you’ll never get tired of having the same type of drink over and over again. MCW also offers wine tasting and plenty of live music.

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