5 Most Exotic Destinations for Your Next Vacation

Going for an exotic travel destination can appeal those folks who wish to do something above the pretty standard beach vacation. As going for a vacation is the best-sorted break from your monotonous daily work routine, it can prove to be the biggest headache if not planned properly. Sometimes, choosing the most exotic vacation destination can daunt you, especially when there are thousands of possible options to tour all over the world. But no need to fret! 

You can choose any of the exotic location given below for your next vacation: 

1. CHINA: The luxury kingdom of Cathay

Yes, China is in the list of top most exotic destinations because it is full of remarkable places which are extremely hard to visit all in one vacation. Many exciting historical places attract travelers the most. If you are planning to spend your vacation there, don’t dare to miss any. 

You can visit The Great Walls of China if you are interested in viewing massive armed walls extending on the Northern and North-Western borders of China. This magnificent building is also the most extended in history. Next, The Potala Palace also attract the eye of many travelers. Even, I never miss the visit to The Forbidden City, which is also known as the emperor palace. Because of its historical significance, it was added to the UNESCO world heritage site. This is just a minimal list of places to visit in China. 

2. JAPAN: land of the rising sun

Japan is the powerhouse of culture. It is also a heaven of traditions. You will love to visit the place full of the richness of culture. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly trip, Japan can be the ideal choice.  

Mt. Fuji and Yokohama Bay can be the first choice of travelers when planning to go for an exotic vacation in Japan. Mt. Fuji is known as the tallest mountain of Japan. You can even clearly see the mountain from Tokyo city. On the other hand, Yokohama will be welcomed by travelers who have affection towards water scenery because this place is near to Tokyo Bay. To explore more of the land of the rising sun, you can take Japan holiday packages all inclusive to make your vacation memory.  

3. JORDAN: Wonders of the Hashemite Kingdom

Passionate yourself by visiting the alluring Hashemite Kingdom. You can visit the magical place Amman, get stunned by the city of Jerash and don’t forget to visit Ajloun Castle. You can also relax by floating on the Dead sea, which is also termed as the lowest point of Earth. Get dispersed by the ancient wonders of monumental Petra, which is one of the seven wonders of the world. 

4. INDIA: Places and desserts of Rajasthan

Get yourself welcomed in the multicultural country of the world. If you take Asia tour packages, you will get a chance to experience the land of several colors. You will be lucky to explore the pink city Jaipur, admire the beauty of Taj Mahal in Agra, take a tour to the golden city Jaisalmer and experience the majestic jodhpur fort and the Thar. 

The above listed exotic vacation destinations can rejuvenate and revive you from your daily life. And, lifetime memories of this vacation will be similar to an icon that will motivate you to visit other fascinating places on the list. 

5. Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam: secrets of the Mekong river

A visit to Cambodia will take you to the exploration of all legendary temples. After that, you can experience the crowded and energetic Hanoi City, explore the magical waters of the Mekong river. The best part would be relishing overnight Cruise on the Bay of Halong and Hoi An delight.  

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