5 Items You Need in a First-Aid Kit While Traveling

So, you just got off your Milan airport taxi and, while handling your luggage, you managed to cut yourself – it’s not something serious, but it still needs a bit of medical attention. What do you do in such a case?

Do you search for help, even for a tiny little cut? Well – in such situations, wouldn’t it be best if you had a proper travel first-aid kid in one of your backpacks? You have to just pull it out and take care of yourself as a professional traveler. 

Of course, a first-aid kit can prove itself to be quite a lifesaver if you encounter more serious situations – in short, you need a first-aid kit while traveling. But what are some of the essential items it should come equipped with? Well, let’s find out!

Plasters/ Bandages

No doubt – every single first-aid kit must have plasters/ bandages inside it. If you happen to cut or graze yourself, such an item will be your fastest way to solve such injuries. Of course, don’t bring just a couple – a handful of these in various sizes will be fit for any form of minor injury. 

Moreover, if you plan on walking a lot, then you could pack up some blister plasters as well. 


The gauze, also known as the jack-of-all-trades in terms of medical encounters, so to speak, is yet another essential item that you must have in your first-aid kit. It can be used to clean an injury, apply pressure to a wound, help to stop bleeding, and even to come up with a basic dressing for minor injuries/ wounds. 

For increased efficiency when needed, it is recommended that you pack sterile squares that are individually wrapped. 

Crepe Bandages

In some cases, you might experience something more serious than just a cut – in such situations, crepe bandages stabilize the situation until you get some professional medical care.

These bandages are great when it comes to keeping clean and in place the small dressings you have round up – as these usually are required for more serious accidents, you don’t need to pack up too many, just a couple; as you have to get medical care in case of such accidents. 

Surgical Tape

Surgical tape is usually paired with gauze or bandage – you can use this item to apply and secure a bandage/ gauze to a wound. 

Even though plasters can do the same job with a little bit of practice, you should always have some surgical tape prepared, just in case you run out of plasters or you need more than just a bit of surgical tape to secure a wound. 

Pain Relief Medication

It doesn’t matter the type of pain that you are expecting, it is better if you come properly prepared – a headache or any minor pain can put a stop to your wonderful day abroad and, thus, you must have something to stop it with.

You can go with the basic paracetamol, ibuprofen, and similar pain relief medication. 

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