5 Great Reasons To Visit Australia

If you’re planning a visit to Australia, or even if you live in the country but just haven’t seen much of it yet, here are some great reasons to experience everything the land downunder has to offer.

#1 – The Australian Outback

While most of the population lives on Australia’s coastline, one of the areas the country is most famous for is its outback.

Much of the centre of Australia is desert. Areas considered to be the “outback” are like semi-desert regions of the country and there’s a lot to see and explore.

Areas like the Kimberley region in the northern part of Western Australia offer some of the most spectacular scenery and photo opportunities. And then there’s the world famous Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory, with its spectacular gorges, waterfalls and pristine locations, untouched by people.

Another popular destination out back is Alice Springs and nearby Uluru (formerly known as Ayers Rock). It’s the largest single rock in the world, and turns a deep shade of red under the desert sunset.

#2 – Australian Wildlife

For people overseas Australia is probably best known for its kangaroos when it comes to the native wildlife that inhabits the continent. Kangaroos are very unique animals and they are found nowhere else on Earth except Australia.

Another famous furry Aussie is the cute and cuddly koala bear. Koalas are very small when it comes to bears and that’s why people adore them so much. Even the largest koala will only weigh in at about 15 kilos.

The dingo is Australia’s native wild dog. They’re not like a wolf, but are largely untamed just like the wolves of the world are.

Another native creature that visitors really don’t want to get up close and personal with is the saltwater crocodile, found in the northern most regions of the country. These ancient beasts can grow over 20 feet long. Great to see in a zoo, but not so much out in the wild.

#3 – Sport Is Huge In Australia

Australians are really sports mad and will go out in their droves to watch local and international sporting events.

The most popular team sports are rugby league, rugby union, AFL and cricket, but plenty of other sports are played as well, like basketball, soccer, hockey and loads more.

Australian’s also adore athletics and competitive swimming.

One of the biggest events on the annual sporting calendar happens on the first Tuesday in November and is held at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne.

It’s a horse race that stops a nation as everyone watches the Melbourne Cup horses go round to compete for the ultimate prize in Australian thoroughbred racing.

Literally the entire country grinds to a halt when the race is on.

#4 – Australia’s White Beaches and Incredible Coastline

I mentioned earlier that most of the country’s population lives on or very near to the coast. One reason is because that’s where the land is most fertile, but Australian’s also have a love affair with water, and especially the beach.

Most of the country is surrounded by beautiful beaches with pristine white sand, the envy of many of the world’s most popular beach resorts. And where there isn’t a nice white sandy beach, there will be instead some of the most amazing and rugged coastlines you could ever hope to see.

One of the most famous rock formations is the 12 Apostles, which can be seen travelling the Great Ocean Road in southern Victoria.

Being an island nation it’s only natural the country boasts some of the best beaches on the planet.

#5 – The People

Australians are known around the world as some of the most down to earth, warmest and friendliest people you could ever hope to meet. While not everybody in the country might fit that bill, generally speaking Australians are very open and welcoming.

Aussies love to have a chat with foreign visitors, are always keen to have a cold beer with you and will often invite you out places to show you around.

It would be very rare for a tourist to visit Australia and not comment on how friendly everyone is. It’s probably the best reason of all to visit Australia.

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