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23 May 5 European Trademarks on Your Wall: A Different Approach

Traveling reinvigorates life. Meeting new people, facing new obstacles and taking only the best from these experiences essentially makes one a more fulfilled person. Naturally, it’s not enough to keep the impressions only in our visual memory. Armed with all kinds of lenses, we make our best effort to perpetuate all the sights we Googled prior to the actual travel, usually ending up with all the standard traveling photo tropes (e.g. holding the Leaning Tower of Pisa or pretending to propose by the Eiffel). However, sometimes, having photos that represent a particular city from a different angle, both literally and ideologically, is the best way to keep the actual experience as vivid as it was on the day it was perceived. Photo printing experts from My-Picture.Co.Uk share a little insight on how to bring the best of the European trademarks into your place with personalised canvas prints and other interior decor items!

Eiffel in the Distance

Eiffel in the Distance

Yes, this might seem contrary to what’s stated in the introductory paragraph. Even more, taking into account the candid nature of the photo, one might wonder why on earth this could ever work as wall art decoration. The Eiffel Tower, the undisputed colossus of the world’s tourism trademarks, is apparent as ever, yet the whole setting looks just like what you may see in that economy-class hotel somewhere in the Quartier Latin. Having a wall decor like this will simply work as a great psychological trick. You wake up, just as you would in an actual Parisian hotel, feasting on your croissant and a cup of French press coffee while gazing out the window with the warm morning wind gently fluttering the curtains.

Iceland’s Lullaby

Truth be said, there isn’t a distinctive architectural object we tend to associate Iceland with. Instead, the whole country seems more like a trademark on its own- a trademark of otherworldliness, originality and larger-than-life landscapes. Naturally, the general ambiance that photos from this country convey is that of a pleasant moodiness, a kind of somnolence we do not wish to end. The moon-like visuality and the prominence of natural texturing are definitely a perfect match for your bedding. The unearthly sceneries would perfectly suit both your personalised photo blanket as well as your personalised photo cushion, adding to your bedroom a kind of a nice, moody yet not overwhelming ambiance that might actually improve your sleep!



Just like most of the European cities on this list, London boasts quite a selection of architectural marvels. Mostly, however, these are seen in the typical “postcard” variation with the Big Ben or the House of Parliament during the sunset or nighttime. Though still enjoyable, this approach somewhat lessens the significance and power this metropolis radiates in the modern age. The London Eye is somewhat of a junior among the traditional sights of interest, yet is one that stands tall and proud above everything else. A panorama shot, reaching from one coast of Thames to another, with the giant Ferris wheel right in the middle of the composition pretty much sums up the greatness of 21-st century London. This is a place where tradition co-exists with progress and where the weather gives you just enough to enjoy the surroundings. This is a large scale image that lets you smell the river and feel the breeze.


Venice Wall Picture

A gondola – can you actually get more “Venice” than that? However, it’s all about the way we perceive and photograph even the most traditional of things. Here, we can see a gondolier taking care of the more formal side of this romantic entrepreneurship. Aside from that, the intimacy and intensity of the hues are simply flabbergasting. There is no landscape, just a detailed close-up of a man and his job, a photo that seems almost painting-esque. The crystal clear reflection on the water gives the composition a surrealistic edge, adding a kind of levity one might encounter while watching a certain Visconti picture. Here is a Venice from the dreamlike past.

The Fernsehturm (Berlin)

Berlin Wall Picture

Berlin is one of the most eclectic cities on the whole continent, a phenomenon that’s partly explainable with its rather grim and complex history. However, it’s also a city that has gone through seismic changes, has basically rebuilt itself from rubble and has withstood decades of isolation. Therefore, the Fernsehturm (Berlin Television Tower) comes off as the ultimate trademark of the city, standing as proud proof that a brighter, safer and sustainable future is always an option. You just have to work on it. A symbol of modern, re-industrialized Berlin as the economic powerhouse of the European periphery, this is an image of a strong-willed, ascetic nation that has surely come a long way. Isn’t that a mindset worth reminding yourself of on a daily basis?

These were only five, though, there are, of course, so many more. Give the next city you visit a chance, and try a different take on the next European trademark on your route! Be it Sagrada Família, Hermitage Museum or the Colosseum, there’s always more than one way to capture these on your camera and exhibit later on!

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