5 Emoji Meanings That You Should Know Before Sending Them

There is a way for people to express what they feel by not constructing messages and sentences. When a person can’t find the right words to describe their emotions, whether they are happy, mad, sad, hungry, or feeling delighted over situations that are happening in real life. These emojis listed below will let you be aware of how emojis and real emotions are alike.

The Angry face Emoji

The Angry face of the mad emoji is a kind of emoji wherein you can freely send to people or post on your statuses that would let other people know that you are mad at a certain situation or a person in particular. By looking at it, this angry face emoji is the best emoji to use whenever you are having temperamental issues and want to express it in one click.

The angry face emoji is often used whenever people get into arguments, online fights, and sometimes whenever they try to prove a certain point. If you happen to be mad at someone in particular and do not want to send a text full of words, you can use this emoji, and they will immediately understand that you are not in the mood and are angry.

The Dripping Sweat Face Emoji

Whenever you have clutches in your life, you tend to say “phew” or “oh man.” This emoji is made, especially for people who feel like they had a successful way out of a clutchy and sketchy real-life situation. A lot of teenagers include this sweat emoji on their social media posts whenever they feel like they did a great job avoiding certain things to happen.

This emoji has a big smile on its face with a dripping droplet of sweat on the side. Having close calls in life is worth sharing, adding this emoji can emphasize what you felt at that time. This sweat emoji also implies discomfort or a certain level of awkwardness. If you are uncomfortable, you can send messages to your friends with this emoji attached to it.

The Hiding Monkey Emoji

Animal emojis are also available for the user to utilize and attach to their messages sent to their friends and loved ones. Aside from being cute, this animal emoji has both hands covering the eyes looking like it’s hiding or being shy. Seldom think that this emoji can be used to say that it is a secret or something that you are shy about telling people.

There are three monkey emojis that you could choose from, but this hiding monkey emoji is the most used so far. This monkey emoji indicates shyness and blushing whenever someone feels embarrassed. This monkey emoji can also depict butterflies in your stomach whenever your heart flutters from receiving compliments.

The Waving Of One Hand Emoji

This emoji is very childish and playful. Sending this on messages can directly mean you are saying hello, goodbye, and how are you to the person you are talking to. Whenever you have someone you want to talk to but are too shy to say the word “hello,” you can hit this waving button and get the message of the emoji and respond to you. 

We all know that sending “hi” is smooth and not time-consuming, but nowadays, the trendiest way to get someone’s attention is by sending cute emojis. It is a new way of younger generations of saying hi or hello to strangers that they want to get to know. 

The Girl That Flips Her Hair Emoji

Flipping hair can imply a girl’s personality or reaction to certain statements or scenarios. When you use this emoji, you need to be mindful because it tends to portray a classy, sarcastic, disrespectful response to things or to people you are interacting with. This hair flip emoji can mean a person is overconfident and always wants things to go their way.

Aside from knowing that this sign seems that the person is overconfident, this can also mean that they are proving a point or they won an argument. Flipping of hair emoji is cute, classy, girly, and straightforward, but it has a meaning behind it that can make people see you being arrogant and somehow offensive.

Make use of emojis to express your thoughts 

Since the launching of emojis, people are using them to communicate, start a conversation, express feelings, and depict their personality. Before using emojis, people should be aware of their other meanings to avoid misinterpretation of messages. 

Knowing the meanings behind each emojis are important because you can not just carelessly send them and attach them to inappropriate and unrelated contexts. Most emojis have double meanings, so it would be best if you know what they mean, when to use it and how it can change a reader’s perspective of your personality.

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