5 Best Places to Go Camping in New Zealand

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New Zealand is considered to be one of the most beautiful countries with the least population. It is a country that has various dimensions of natural beauty. The scenery found in New Zealand looks like postcard paintings. 

It is an exquisite country with mountains, rivers, lakes, campsites near beaches and forests as well. To enjoy these sceneries many tourists and travellers like to travel by campervans in New Zealand. There are many remote camping spots that are convenient for self-contained vehicles.

Hiring a campervan can be very expensive. If you want to save some money then camping in New Zealand can be a great way to save money. If you are planning camping in the wilderness, the primary must-have essential is a tent. Your search for the ideal tent ends at New Zealand Camping Stores.  

We have hand-picked some top camping places for you. Here are the top breath-taking places for camping in New Zealand.

  1. Matauri Bay:

If you want to find the place where land meets the sea, then you should visit Matauri Bay. It is located on the north side of New Zealand. It is a paradise for surfers, swimmers, and sightseers.

It is loved by surfers because this place is uncrowded. Swimmers love this place because of its peacefulness and crystal clear water. Matauri Bay has an incredible view of the headland and nearby landmarks, so sightseers are blown away by that.

This place is not only the best place for camping but also it is ideal for diving, swimming and snorkelling as well.      

Location: Karikari Peninsula 0483, New Zealand

  1. Blue Lake Holiday Park:

This camping ground is just 10 minutes away from Rotorua. It is located by Tikitapu lake and the surrounding valley. It is an award-winning camping spot, which has ample space for parking your campervan.

There are many reasons to spend the night at Blue Lake Holiday Park. Rotorua is blessed with 15 beautiful lakes. Multiple campsites where a power facility is also provided. You can enjoy absolute relaxation in the lap of nature since it is the perfect spot for camping, fishing, kayaking and relaxing on the beach.

Location: Tarawera Rd, Lake Okareka 3040, New Zealand

  1. Anaura Bay Motor Camp:

If you want to see the breathtaking sceneries every day then Anaura Bay Motor Camp is where you should be. You would see perfect shades of green in the adjacent rolling hills, multiple shades of blues in the water and the most unbelievable sunrise every morning. 

This place is hidden from the main road. You will find decent facilities there and if you need any daily needs you can buy them from camp shops. Gradually Anaura Bay Motor Camp has been gaining popularity among campers. Personally, I would prefer to stay away from all electronic gadgets when I am in the wilderness, but here WIFI is available. It is one of the few camping places in New Zealand where WIFI is available.  

Location: Anaura Rd, Anaura Bay, 4077, New Zealand

  1. Whitikau Campsite:

If you are searching for a small, cosy and remotely located camping place then Whitikau is the ideal camping location for you. It is located on the North Island in New Zealand. 

It is located at the entrance of the Raukumara Conservation Park. This campground attracts many love birds and couples who want to spend some cosy moments with their loved ones. After camping here you can trek inside the national park as well. 

This place is well known for hunting, fishing and trekking. If you have a plan for camping or trekking next week, you should reach there early since Whitikau Campsite allows first come first serve. This place is considered to be the best camping location in New Zealand.   

Location: Takaputahi Rd, Toatoa 3197, New Zealand

  1. Matai Bay:

If you are looking for a less crowded quiet place for camping, Matai bay is the place to go. This place is located in the north of the North Island. Matai Bay is a hidden paradise. The bay’s gorgeous waters are surrounded by hills. These lush hills are covered in pohutukawa trees.

At Matai Bay Campsite. You won’t find any online booking system. If you want to get the best spot at the campsite then you have to get there before everyone else.

All the amenities are old school at the campsite. That means no electricity, no WIFI and hello to the cold shower. Being a camper you should take the raw experience of nature and live some moments away from the hectic modern life.

Location: Karikari Peninsula 0483, New Zealand

Final Take Away:

New Zealand has 270,000 square kilometres of beautiful land and Only5 Million Peopleare living there. That means you get to experience miles of untouched beaches, untouched landscapes, lush green forests, glorious lakes and rough mountains. This makes New Zealand one of the best countries for camping.    

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