14 Feb 5 awesome beaches to go to in Mozambique

So you have just booked your tickets to Mozambique on Imagine Holidays’ special offers. You have everything you think you need. Your hotel and plane booked, the perfect swimsuit and a gallon of sun tan lotion, along with the bets Vine Vera cosmetics for your face. But do you know where the best beaches are to achieve that gorgeous tan? Better yet, do you know which ones house the best oceans, adventures and potential parties? This list will help put the cherry on top of your perfect holiday.

Bazaruto Archipelago

Perhaps you are a tourist looking for the best of both worlds. Looking for a gorgeous setting to tan, for the aesthetics of a beach of vital to your holiday experience, as well as a commercialised area to indulge in swimming, boat rides and onshore restaurants to have a cheeky cocktail or two. Well, look no further than the Bazaruto Archipelago. Containing a split beach of five islands, if you fancy an exploration into the marine preservation of “Skinny Bazaruto” you can enjoy an exciting day of listening to fierce winds, the call of Humpbacked whales, or even spot a shark or two!

While this beach is clearly for an exploration lover to indulge in relaxation, there is the beach of Azure, which lies on a more commercialised area of Mozambique. If you fancy the warm feeling of silky sand between your toes, idyllic blue oceans to swim and explore, as well as the occasional sighting of a dolphin or alternative botanical creature, this is the shore for you! You might even spot a herd of hawksbill turtles on sands or the waters. Think of this beach as a combination of a sanctuary for both human life and animal life. It is a sight you cannot afford to miss!

Bazaruto Island

Extending upon the beaches of Bazaruto Archipelago, why not try your hand at sunbathing on a more “remote” location? The Bazaruto Island can offer not only a fantastic beach but also a private resort which will allow for easy access to your bedroom and the warm sands! Listen to the beautiful rush of the wind over the sea, or even try out some new sports such as water skiing, wake boarding, or even find a boat trip to catch a sight of a dolphin or a glorious sunset. It is the perfect holiday getaway to wind down from the stresses of your working life.


Commercialised beaches can become overwhelming when there are too many crowds, no places to put down a towel, or when the noise blocks out the natural sounds of the wind, sea, and waves. Tofo Beach is a hidden diamond, housed with several (rentable) small cottages to allow the pearly sands to be right on your doorstep. Relax on the shores with the brilliant sunshine, or even try out their diving and surfing retreats.

Due to its coast being located next to the Manta Reef, this makes it the perfect location for any active tourist to enjoy the oceans to their fullest. Explore the bright blue waters and locate the various tropical species of fish, or even keep an eye out for rare species, such as dugongs, whale sharks, and turtles. This beach is bound to get your heart racing with the thrill of a new adventure!


This is a beach which can draw in a lot more than just the average sunbather. Think of this a combination of a pop-up market and a tanning salon. When there expect to see a lot of tourists either claiming a good spot on the beach to preserve their golden browns or looking at the merchandise on offer at the different stalls. Take the opportunity to find a portrait artist or to buy some art and crafts mementoes! You can even try out the various water sports on offer, including diving to the coral reefs, surfing or even waterboarding. The possibilities are endless, so choose your adventure.


Searching for a beach that houses both tourism and history? At Vilankulo, you will experience not only remote and quiet beaches but also an extensive history on the local chief (Gamala Vilankulo) and the village’s culture and community in Africa.

It is the perfect place to experience a new culture as well as catching the tranquillity of its beach. An additional benefit? Two beaches for the price of one! With the expansion of its tourist industry, Vilankulo is practically a gateway into Bazaruto Archipelago. Thus, it is the perfect opportunity to indulge in both the remote and commercialised sides of Africa’s beaches.

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