20 Feb 4 Common Myths You Need to Know Before Moving to Singapore

Singapore is a unique country with a fascinating history and culture. A city-state, Singapore is renowned for being a very technologically advanced place, and it certainly lives up to this reputation. However, there are also a number of myths and misconceptions about Singapore. Unfortunately, many people are put off visiting because of concerns which are in actual fact completely unfounded. Here we dispel five of the most common myths about Singapore. These are the things that you need to know before making the decision to live in Singapore for any length of time.

Singapore is Expensive

This is true for the most part. As with just about anywhere else in the world, it is possible to find a bargain in Singapore, but if you don’t seek out the bargains then Singapore is quite an expensive place to live. The city’s expensive nature is driven largely by high rent rates and car maintenance costs. As an example, an average car which costs $20,000 to run in the United States would cost somewhere in the region of $100,000 a year in Singapore.

Another factor to consider when working out how expensive a place is to live is the environment that the visitor is coming from. Those who are coming from Europe or the US won’t find the costs of living unreasonable. Meanwhile, visitors from elsewhere in Asia would baulk at many of the prices.

Singapore is One Giant Shopping Mall

This myth is somewhat founded in truth as well, but it is a gross oversimplification to say that Singapore is just shopping malls. There are certainly more shopping malls than you would expect from a city of its size, and they are always full! Singaporeans love shopping, although given how hot it can get and how much Singaporeans love to blast the air con, it is understandable that so many people seek shelter in one of the city’s many shopping malls.

It’s Hot!

There is a reason that the Singaporeans have gained a reputation for a love of air conditioning; it gets very hot there! In geographical terms, Singapore is only one degree above the equator, as such is it subject to some rather extreme weather conditions. In addition to a very hot season, for about half the year Singapore is susceptible to heavy tropical rains.

It’s Clean and Efficient

Singapore is a very technologically advanced place and the government has proven to be very effective at establishing strong public services, education and infrastructure. According to Santa Fe Relocation, the education system in Singapore is world leading, and provides international school education for the large quantity of expats in their society. The result of their efforts is that Singapore is always clean and run with the utmost efficiency. Unlike with most cities, on the rare occasion that you actually see some graffiti, you can be certain that by the next morning it will be gone. The government of Singapore takes its commitment to maintaining a clean city very seriously, so the neat freaks out there will feel right at home!

Singapore is a wonderful country to relocate to. While it is on the more expensive side for Asia, it is also a city-state which boasts a high quality of life and HDI (human development index) score.

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