28 Tips for an Enjoyable Flight

When I’m setting off on a new journey, the flight in itself is an experience. I personally love flying, but sometimes it can be a bit stressful. So I’ve put together some of the best tips I’ve learned to help you have a more enjoyable flight!

View from the airplane window on a flight into Kuala Lumpur

Before your flight

Getting to the airport

1. Make sure that you leave plenty of time before you fly. Due to heightened security in the UK, it often takes quite a while to get through the security checks, particularly at Heathrow Airport.

2. Research the options for buses, trains, trams etc and work out the best option. If you have a very early morning flight, public transport may not be running, so you may need to book a hotel close to the airport the night before.

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Checking in

4. Ensure you are aware of the deadlines for counter check-in and baggage drop. You don’t want to be denied at the check-in desk!

5. I you are supposed to check-in online, make sure you do so and remember to print your boarding pass so you don’t end up having to pay a fee to print it!

6. Adhere to the baggage rules so you don’t get charged unpleasant excess baggage fees. All airlines have different weight limits and dimensions, so it’s always worth double checking!

Airport Security

7. Prior to airport security, make sure your toiletries in your carry-on are under 100ml and that they are in a clear resealable bag. It’s amazing how many people I STILL see trying to get through security with huge bottles of liquids!

8. If you travel with a laptop, it’s ideal to have a bag with a separate laptop pocket so you can take it in and out easily at security!

9. Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off in case they make you remove them! Dont’ wear belts and lots of accessories that you will have to take off.

At the Gate

10. See everybody lining up at the gate because your flight number has been called for boarding? Stay in your seat. Unless it is a) a flight where there are no allocated seats or b) a flight where everyone takes carry-on baggage, then there is no rush. Save your legs and relax! Wait until the line has gone down and then board the flight!

11. Some airports have charging facilities so you can charge your gadgets. Take advantage of this before your flight!

On a Layover

12. Check that the airport is open 24 hours if you wish to sleep at the airport! Some airports close at night!

13. Travel with a sleeping bag so that you can sleep comfortably on the floor or on a bench. Airports can be very cold at night!

14. Scout out the best place to sleep; don’t just opt for the first bench you see. Avoid sitting near the exit as you’ll get a draught coming in at night. The ideal spot is somewhere with a bit more privacy, and a cushioned seat as opposed to a metal one.

15. If you need a power socket to charge your electronics, keep your eyes peeled when walking around the airport. Coffee shops like Starbucks often have power sockets, but not always. If you’re having trouble finding one, look out for spots where the cleaners might plug in their equipment.

16. Some airports have paid lounges with showers and buffet food. If it isn’t too expensive, you can always treat yourself so you have somewhere to freshen up!


Getting a good seat

17. If you have the option to choose or pre-book your seat before the flight, look at the flight plan and see which seats are best. Some seats at the front have extra legroom, while others have restricted recline if they are next to an exit. Choose wisely!

18. In my opinion the window seat is the most comfortable as you have something to lean your head against. However some people prefer the aisle so they don’t have to disturb anyone to go to the toilet.

19. If there are two of you flying, choose two seats with an empty seat in the middle. Unless the flight is fully-booked, it’s not likely that someone will choose a middle seat in-between two people. Then you have the row to yourselves!

20. As soon as the seat-belt sign goes off, if there are any free rows, people will get up quickly to grab them. Make sure you scout out any empty rows and be quick to make your move!


21. If you don’t enjoy airline food or you’re flying on a low-cost carrier where you have to pay for snacks; bring a packed lunch for the journey.

22. Sometimes if you are furthest away from the kitchen, you will receive your meal last and then one of the food options is unavailable. It all depends from which end they start serving the food. This one is quite difficult to predict though.

23. On long-haul flights the airlines sometimes give you stickers so you can let them know if you would like to be woken for meal times. These are useful!

Staying comfortable

24. Flights are usually freezing! Make sure you bring adequate clothing so you don’t get too cold! On decent airlines you’ll be given blankets and pillows, but you don’t get the same treatment with low-cost carriers.

25. Carry an inflatable neck pillow and an eye mask so you can try to get some quality sleep.

26. I find the headphones supplied in economy to be quite uncomfortable, so I always take my own earphones to plug in to the entertainment system.

At Arrivals

Getting through the airport

27. Need the toilet? If you go to the bathroom before immigration, everyone else from your flight will end up in front of you in the queue. If you’re not too desperate, wait till you get the other side.

Transport to your hotel

28. Where possible, pre-book your transport from the airport or research the public transport options online. Taxi fares can be really expensive, but if you must get one, try to get a metered taxi. Have a rough idea of what it should cost so that you don’t get ripped off.

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