14 Fun Ideas For Your Next Camping Trip

One excellent way to escape from the hassle and noise of your daily life is by camping outdoors. In this activity, you’re in control of how you wish to enjoy and savor the experience. You can even customize your camping trip based on your or your family’s interests, camping location, and the season of the year.   

When camping, you’ll need to bring the essentials with you, such as tents, clothes, sleeping bags, and so on. You can even go a step further by setting up your very own luxury yurt for a more glamorous and luxurious camping experience. Whether you’re going solo or camping with kids, friends, or family, there are always fun activities you can try anytime.  

Camping can be a fun and worthwhile experience for the entire family. As long as you bring everything that you need to make this activity comfortable and fun, every member of your family will look forward to your next camping trip. Camping in Australia is so diverse and there’s so many places to go to and activities to do. Make sure you check reviews and tips so you’ll get the best experience every time. 

Below is a list of fourteen fun ideas and activities you might want to try for your next camping trip.   

  1. Wildlife Spotting 

One of the most common but still recommended activities during a camping trip is wildlife spotting. This activity is fun and exciting, especially for new campers who have never explored and immersed themselves in nature. For this activity, you can hike into the woods or mountains and see if you can spot the local wildlife. If lucky, you may find some footprints and tracks of deer, turtles, birds, and much more.  

If your location is home to rare, wild and exotic animals, the activity would even be more meaningful and educational.

If you’re camping with kids, you can take them for bird watching, which is a fun yet educational way to pass the time. You can also play a game about how many birds they can name and identify. 

  1. Nature Collecting 

For campers who have a passion for collecting things, especially anything related to nature, your camping trip may be the perfect time to start your flower, leaf, or rock collection. Think of this as your little souvenirs from your camping adventures.  

  1. Water Volleyball 

If you’re camping near the beach or lake, you and your friends can unleash your sporty side by playing water volleyball. Just make sure you bring your volleyball net with you to have a better game experience.  

  1. Frisbee 

Another fun idea you can do for your next camping trip is playing frisbee. As long as you have your own frisbee disc and a wide area to play in, you’re good to go. You can even play frisbee with your dog! In addition, if you’re looking to make your frisbee activity more challenging, you can find a broader area in the mountains and toss your disc as far as you can.  

  1. Nature Photography 

For campers who simply just want to chill while exploring the beauty of nature, you can give nature photography a try. Whether you’re using your smartphone or a professional camera for taking pictures, you can get up close and personal with flowers, leaves, or even insects that you wish to capture in your lenses.  

  1. Horseback Riding 

If your chosen campground offers horseback riding as part of their activities, you can rent a few horses with your fellow campers and explore the woods while riding a horse. This activity is something you can never do in the city, making this experience so unforgettable.  

  1. Fishing 

For campers camping near the sea or lake, going saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing may be the best pastime for you. Just don’t forget to pack your bait and fishing gears to pull this off. You can even enjoy a few drinks with your friends or family as you wait for the fish to get caught on your bait. 

  1. Boating Or Canoeing 

For campers who wish to go fishing with a bit of challenge and exploration, you can do your fishing activity while riding on a boat or canoe. Not only you’re more likely to catch some fish, but it’s also an exciting way to explore the waters. Make sure to check with the campsite first if they offer any rental boats or canoes. Otherwise, you might need to bring your own. 

  1. Truth Or Dare Game 

If you’re searching for something fun that can be done outdoors or indoors and at any time of the day, you can play the truth or dare game. It’s actually one of the most popular camping games that most families or friends play together. However, this game can sometimes get out of hand, especially when the dares start to sound dangerous. Thus, if your kids or teens are playing this game, make sure to supervise them.   

  1. Enjoying The Hot Tub 

Some camping sites offer a secluded place for their campers to swim and relax. In most cases, they either have a pool or, mostly, hot tubs. If you’re lucky enough to go camping with such amenities, make sure to take advantage of it and spend some time lounging on a hot tub while being surrounded by nature. Soaking in a hot tub can help relax your muscles after a long day of camping activities.

  1. Night Swimming 

First of all, swimming at night can be risky, especially if you’re not familiar with the place and the water you’re swimming with. However, if night swimming is a popular activity on your camping site and you can see other campers doing the same, it can be a fun and memorable experience. However, for first-timers, it may be best to go night swimming in swimming pools instead of rivers, lakes, and oceans to minimize the risk of drowning.  

  1. Playing Music 

One classic camping activity that’s here to stay is playing music. Imagine gathering around a campfire with one of you playing an instrument while the rest sing some campfire songs. It’s indeed a great way to have some fun and make unforgettable memories. Just make sure not to get too loud, especially if neighboring tents and sleeping campers are nearby.  

  1. Cooking S’mores And Other Camping Treats 

Making s’mores is a must on every camping trip. However, aside from this traditional camping treat, you can also experiment with other camping recipes like hotdogs on sticks, barbecues, corn barbecues, and more. Your friends and family will surely enjoy eating them! 

  1. Watching Movies 

Generally, electronics during camping trips are often discouraged, as it can ruin the essence of trying to live outdoors. However, if your camping trip has been ruined by the bad weather that hinders you from doing any outdoor activity, movie watching with your friends or family can be a great and fun idea.  


Going on a camping trip is a great way to relax and unwind. To make your experience even more enjoyable, you can try the list of fun activities/ideas above with your family and friends on your next camping trip. Now, you’re ready to have a great camping adventure!  

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