10 things to consider while visiting Japan

Japan is a pretty interesting country. Culturally as well as aesthetically, it is much different than the US and other Western countries. That is why; if you’re looking to explore the country which is entirely different than the US, Japan is the perfect option for you. However, when you’re heading over to Japan, it is always important to know a few things. It will make your trip easier. We will today highlight 10 tips to follow during your first Japan trip.

1. Choose an international airline:

Unless you live anywhere on the Asian continent, Japan is at least 8 hours away from any western country. So, instead of going with the airline which does not offer in-flight entertainment and other such amenities, you should try to go with the international airlines. There are plenty of international airlines connecting various countries to Japan. The advantages of international airlines are:

  • Comfortable seats
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Meal service

It will ensure that your trip to Japan starts in a pleasant way rather than a tired one. That is why, instead of choosing any affordable airline, it is better to select an international one.

2. Buy a transport pass:

Japan offers Japan Rail pass which will cost you $250. The advantage of this pass is that you can access any railway line in the country with the help of this pass. It also provides you with access to high-speed trains. As a result, traveling through Japan becomes quite affordable. You need to remember that this pass can only come in handy when you’re planning to explore the countryside rather than regular tourist places. Since most of the travelers at least cover a couple of other cities, this pass can save you a significant amount of money.

3. Rely on cash:

The dominant medium of transaction in Japan is cash. So; it is always advisable to carry plenty of money along with you. Also, you can take a Forex card which will allow you to withdraw from the ATM. There are plenty of ATMs near stores like 7-11. It will ensure that you can get all the cash which you want.

Also, you need to keep in mind that the Japanese usually transact with coins. Whether you’re looking to spend ¥1 or ¥ 500, you will have coins for the denomination. That is why; you should try to have a coin purse with you. It will help you carry all the cash which you need. All in all, you should not only bring with yourself plenty of cash but also medium through which you can withdraw this cash from the ATM.

4. Convenience stores at your convenience:

Japan can also be called as the land of convenience stores. Whether you’re looking for a ready-made meal or whether you’re looking to buy essentials, you will always find a convenience store around. You can head over to 7-11 or any other convenience store to shop for whatever you want. That is why when you’re stuck, or you need some essential supplies, the best place to visit is a convenience store. You can use Google maps to search for the one near you. Chances are it might be within a 5-minute walking radius as long as you are in a city. That is why; you should not ignore these convenience stores that can help you with almost anything.

5. Learn minimal Japanese:

The tip which I’m going to highlight now fits not just Japan but any other country which you are planning to visit. It is always advisable to learn the dominant language of the country. Similarly, when you’re traveling to Japan, it is necessary to know the basic phrases in Japanese. It will help you easily interact with the locals. In case of any problem, you can get some help as well. There are a variety of mobile applications that can help you learn the same.

If you’re planning on translating in real-time, you can even use Google translate to your advantage. However, it is always better to know at least a few Japanese phrases.

6. Carry a few hygiene items:

Often, when you use Japanese restaurants, they will be spick span clean, but they lack a soap dispenser. That is why; we advise you to carry a sanitizer with you.

Moreover, Japan does not have any trash cans in public as an anti-terrorism measure. Due to this very reason, it is advisable to have a few plastic bags at your disposal. It will ensure that you can keep the trash in them, and once you reach your hotel or any place has trash cans; you can dispose off the waste. That is why these couple of hygiene items are a necessity when visiting Japan.

7. Buy hotspot access:

Japan has plenty of hotspots throughout its megacities. However, you need to buy this hotspot access to ensure that you can access the Internet when you’re in the vicinity of the hotspot. The Internet connection will ensure that you can use Google Maps, Google translate, make VoIP calls, and much more. That is why, once you land in Japan, you should buy these hotspot access cards. You can easily buy them at the airport. One of the companies which sell such hotspot access is eConnect hotspot.

8. Make sure you have a VPN:

Many of the streaming websites of the United States and the UK have barred the streaming in Japan. That is why, if you want to continue with your entertainment options, it is advisable to sign up for a VPN in advance. Once you do so, it will be easy for you to access all your entertainment sources. As a result, when you are in Japan, you can binge on various streaming sites. VPNs are very cheap as long as you can get a good coupon. That is why; you only need to sign up for one in advance so that you can stream your favorite site.

9. Carry the essential documents:

Just like a trip to any other country, it is always necessary to have the required documents with you whenever you visit any foreign country.

In case of Japan, it is always advisable to go with a reputed agency to get your visa. You can use VisasJapan.com as they can help you with any visa that you need for visiting Japan. They also plan on helping you with the Japan eVisa once it gets launched. That is why; they are your one-stop shop when it comes to Japanese visa. Once you get this, you should have a soft copy as well as a hard copy of the same.

Additionally, you have to carry a soft copy and hard copy of various personal IDs as well so that in case you need to present an ID, you are ready to do so right away. It will help you ensure that your trip progresses smoothly rather than facing any obstacles. You have to be extra-careful to carry all the other documents like your flight bookings and hotel bookings along with your passport when visiting Japan. It will ensure that at no point, you face obstacles due to missing documents.

10. Know how to get good deals:

Direct bargaining in Japan can be a bit difficult. However, if you’re aware of the areas in which you are shopping, you can get a good deal. Generally speaking, the closer you shop to the railway station, the more expensive the things will be. When you walk to a comparatively distant area, automatically you can get things cheaper. That is why, instead of directly relying on your bargaining skills, it is better to choose the location or shopping venue carefully. It will help you save a lot of money.

So, if you’re planning your first trip to Japan, these are the ten tips which you should surely follow. These tips will make sure that not only your first Japanese trip is pleasant, but you enjoy it thoroughly as well. With our guide above, you can focus more on the attributes of Japan. It is time to experience this mesmerizing country other than having to worry about planning and organizing your trip.

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