06 Sep Why Britain Has Become the Staycation Nation

Its official, Britain is one of 2013’s hottest holiday hot spots! With 41 million Brits opting to throw away the passport and holiday at home this summer it is clear that Great Britain really is the place to be and it’s not hard to see why: stunning cities, rural wonderlands and enchanting history are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the UK’s greatest holiday destinations.

London England

Money isn’t everything, but it helps!

It’s hardly surprising that one of the main pulls of holidaying at home is affordability. No costly flights? Brilliant. No airport tax? Even better. No £200 taxi to terminal 5? The icing on the cake. Unfortunately we all have less disposable cash than we used to but there are silver linings to the recession, we’re becoming home Masterchefs to save money on eating out, we’re improving our homes rather than moving and we’re opening our eyes to the real beauty, culture and charm of Great Britain.

The savings of a staycation are nothing to scoff at, the average holiday abroad can costs over £1,000 per person but the average stay in the UK costs less than half of that! We’re not the only ones who benefit from some extra money in our pockets when we choose to stay, the entire country benefits from a boom in local tourism. By staying we’re supporting local businesses and local trade and putting cash back into our own struggling economy, which benefits us all in the long run.

Chatsworth House

(Almost) Limitless Holiday Opportunities

OK, so surfing in Cornwall might not have the same wow factor as riding waves in Hawaii and you’re probably not going to be soaking in Mediterranean-esque sun but the UK offers some world class holiday destinations that send shivers down the spine of the most seasoned traveller. The beauty of the UK is that nothing is out of reach; you can camp in the wilds of Exmore, recline on a beach with fish and chips in Cornwall, unwind in a quaint Cotswolds cottage or ignite your excitement in the bright city lights of a bustling metropolis.

The UK provides some of the most diverse travelling experiences in the whole of Europe, it’s abundant with coasts, countryside, cities and culture so why travel anywhere else?

Cottage Garden Derbyshire

Arrive Feeling Fresh, Not Flustered

When travelling abroad, especially long haul (and especially with kids!) you can find yourself spending the first few days recovering from the flight alone! The stress of finding passports and tickets, queuing, baggage check, queuing, customs, queuing, finding your seat and then braving hours and hours on a cramped flight can leave you feeling deflated on arrival but with a UK getaway all you have to do is pack your bags and load the car, board a train or head out on a coach and you’re at your destination before you know it.

Visiting other countries and cultures can be mesmerising and memorable but sometimes it’s a relief to be able to enjoy the majesty of a destination and still feel at home. Staycations allow you to re-live the holidays of your childhood and instil a love of Great Britain in the next generation.

Bedruthian Steps North Cornwall

An Intergenerational Experience

We spend so much of our modern lives enamoured with responsibilities. We spend more time than ever at work or chained to textbooks and technology and less and less time taking a break and getting to know each other. A staycation is a fantastic and cost effective way to bring the whole family together from grandparents to brothers and sisters to uncles and aunties to parents and children, everyone can find a destination (or destinations) to get excited about. Relaxing on the beach, visiting ruins, exploring nature, a night out in the city and a pub lunch are all on the menu in the UK and they’re all a stone’s throw from each other so everyone can have their dream holiday and bond in the process.

It’s time to turn off the TV, shut down the computer and look out of the window to see sights that are right outside your front door. Staycations are on the rise and Britain is taking tourism seriously so start planning your route for exploring this green and pleasant land.

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