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GPSmyCity are looking four authors of walking tours and I was approached by them a while back to create a tour for a city I was familiar with.

I was born in Manchester, lived here my whole life barring my travels for the last two years, so I thought I’d start with the place I know best…home. I recently came home after two years away and as I was taking the photos and walking around the city doing the planning for my iphone app, I looked at the city in a whole new light. I’ve walked around Manchester hundreds of times but never really stopped to look at the buildings around me or learn anything about their history or why they’re there.

My iphone app for Manchester is a guided walking tour of Manchester’s Top Landmarks, which takes you on a tour of the important landmarks and museums that reflect the city’s interesting past, the changes it has undergone and it’s forward thinking attitude.

It takes you on a tour, narrated by my wonderful self, of the URBIS museum, Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester Town Hall, Central Library, The Bridgewater Hall, Museum of Science and Industry, John Rylands Library, The Wheel of Manchester, The Old Wellington & Sinclair’s Oyster Bar and Manchester Cathedral. I walked the tour myself and it’s an easy and simple walk filled with lots of information about Manchester.

It costs $2.99 from the itunes store, much cheaper than a bus tour or any other guided tour. You can download it from the itunes store and it is compatible with any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

The tour comes with a touring route displayed on a map, turn-by-turn walking directions so you don’t get lost and a “FindMe” feature which shows your exact location, while the auto tracking feature shows your movements on the map.

If you’re new to Manchester and you want to see the major sights of the city but don’t know where to start, you can download my app which provides you with an easy route to walk around the city and tells you plenty of cool facts and historical stuff about all the sights on the list.

I’d love it if you’d download it and tell me what you think. I spent quite a while taking photos, doing research and making sure I got the facts right. It’s my first time making an iphone app but I thought I’d put my knowledge of Manchester to good use and if you don’t mind listening to my voice for a bit, it’s a convenient way to tour the city.

If you’re a travel blogger and interested in the opportunity of working with GPSmyCity to create an iPhone app and making some money, check out their site here .

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