Travel Tips

Welcome to my travel tips page, which contains a list of my top travel tips to help you travel the world. I realise I have written a lot of blog posts on this site, so I thought I would make it easier for you and put all the tips in one place.

These tips will help you save money, get good deals and ensure your trip runs smoothly. If there is something missing on this page that you’d like to know about, please contact me.

1. How to Save Money on Food While Traveling

Food is on of my biggest expenses on the road. I love the experience of trying new cuisines and going out for dinner. Everyone needs to eat, but eating out all the time can be a drain on your travel budget, so I’ve made a list showing you how to save money on food while traveling.

2. How to Choose Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an absolute necessity when going abroad, but it’s also very confusing. Before you purchase a policy, check out my tips on how to choose travel insurance.

3. How to Get Cheap Accommodation

A place to sleep is absolutely necessary on the road but it can also drain your budget pretty quickly. Whatever your travel tastes and preferences, I’ve come up with a comprehensive guide showing you how to get cheap accommodation.

4. How to Travel Alone

Making the decision to travel alone for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience, so I’m here to put all your fears to rest with this guide on how to travel alone.

5. How to Find a Cheap Flight

Airfare can take up a big chunk of your travel budget, so there are some handy tips and sites you can use to help you get the best possible price. In this guide I show you how to fly as cheaply as possible.

6. How to Collect Air MilesĀ (UK)

While you can earn air miles from flying, the quickest way to build up air miles is through spending on a credit card. I found lots of information online about travel hacking, airline credit cards and air miles geared towards people from the US, but not su much for people from the UK. So I wrote an epic guide to collecting air miles if you’re from the UK!

7. Tips for Long Flights

Long-haul flights crammed in Economy class don’t have to be uncomfortable. I’ve put together some tips I’ve learned over the years for choosing the best seat, keeping comfortable, getting to sleep and staying entertained.

8. Ultimate List of The Best Apps for Travel

With smartphones and tablets, travel has never been easier. There are many travel apps on the market and as a seasoned traveller, I’ve tried and tested lots of them. Here I give the lowdown on the best apps for hotel bookings, flight reservations, trip planning and much more.

9. 20+ Ways to Learn a Language

Language learning doesn’t have to be boring or difficult. I’ve put together a list of all the best ways to learn a language, including online courses, podcasts, audio tapes and some more unusual methods.

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