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The Travel Blog Directory is a list of travel blogs from around the web. I’m trying to make this list as comprehensive as possible and showcase some of the amazing travel bloggers out there, so if you would like to feature on this list, simply email me using the details on my Contact page and request to do a link exchange.

Travel Bloggers A-Z


Around the World in 80 Jobs– Turner travels and lives overseas funding his escapades doing interesting jobs.

Ashley Abroad– Ashley lives abroad in order to learn as much as possible about the local food, history and language, and of course, local brews.

Aspiring Backpacker– Aspiring backpacker is a travel blog for first time traveler or people who are dreaming about hitting the road. All you need to do is read up and set off!


Backpacking in Southeast Asia– A travel blog, documenting a backpackers journey through Southeast Asia. Hundreds of photos and hours of video. A guide and inspiration for those planning a trip.

Backpacking Travel Blog– A travel blog by Samuel & Audrey, self proclaimed ‘cheapskate extraordinaires’ on a quest to experience the world.

Bali Backpacking– The ultimate guide to backpacking in Bali, Indonesia

Bare Pockets– Traveling reports, climbing areas and recommendations.

Berlin Blog– Find things to do in Berlin

Borderless Travels – Follows Canadian traveler Ian Yacobucci whose dream of traveling the world has become a reality.  Working while traveling the world, Ian’s travel advice, articles, and blog are written to inform and inspire you to start your own borderless travels.


Carribbean and Central America Travel- Your guide to travelling in Central America and the Carribbean.

China Adventurer– China Adventurer Travel Blog offers detailed information and travel stories to help all those travel bound for China.

City Gal on the Go– City Gal helps you explore New York City and the world!


Defying Gravity– An expat blog in Mongolia

Different Doors– Revati and Charles share their experiences opening different doors around the world.

Don’t Forget to Move–  A dynamic duo with a love for the road, who fell in love on the road.

Don’t Stop Living– Inspired by an endless journey round the globe, Don’t Stop Living brings you money saving ideas and destination tips from ALL 7 continents.

D Travels ‘Round– A solo 30-somethings travels around the world, complete with tips, reviews and photos to inspire your own world travels.


Elena’s Travelgram– A travel blog by a Ukrainian girl living in France and getting lost in different parts of the world.

Enduring Wanderlust– Enduring Wanderlust is an online travel magazine and blog that delves into the most compelling aspects of travel.

Escape The Shell– Chris Hartman’s Travel Blog

Everything Everywhere – Follow Gary Arndt as he travels just about everywhere around the world.

Exploration, Travel, Design– Nicola Hilditch-Short is a graphic designer, fine artist, urban explorer, traveller and adventurer currently studying MA Graphic Design & Art Direction at MMU.

Explored World– Explore the world, we dare you. A travel magazine dedicated to the most exotic, exciting and thrilling places around the world.

Europe Traveller– Travelling around Europe and beyond.


Flavio’s Travel Blog– A travel blog by Flavio Longato- a photographer, traveller & online marketer

Flip Nomad– A Filipino backpacker who blogs about travels in the Phillipines and Asia.

Fox Nomad– A digital nomad teaching people to travel smarter.

Fruit Picking– A site for backpackers looking for Fruit Picking Jobs and information about the whole experience.


Global Grasshopper– Travel tips and Inspiration

Gap Year Escape– Gap Year Travel & Backpacking Round the World

Gastronomic Nomad– Cyra left Australia at 19 and barely looked back. 9 years later she is eating her way around Spain, having discovered that food and travel really do make a marvellous mix.


I Backpack Canada-By backpackers, for backpackers. An independent travel guide about backpacking Canada.


JustinWasHere.comJustin K Jones is a travel writer and blogger whose adventures have taken him around the world from the icy peaks of the Swiss Alps to the sunny shores of Australia and everywhere in between! He travels the world to share his stories, as well as those of the people he meets along the way.


K and K Adventures– Karin and Keiran’s adventures



Mai Travel Site– A personal website with tips, stories and photography to motivate and help you travel more and better for less.

MACH– World travel with a why-not-you attitude. Blog of a freelance photographer and world traveller who likes to combine both.

Man Vs Clock– Travel site written by an English boy focusing on world travel and facing your fears.

Mrs P Travels– Mrs P was proposed to at the top of Kilimanjaro. Now married, she blogs about her exciting adventures around the world!

My Several Worlds–  A travel and photography website focusing on culture, destinations, and attractions in Asia.

My Travel Affairs– A never ending affair with traveling.


Nomadic Notes – Nomadic Notes Travel Blog. Travel notes and photos from around the world by James Clark.

Nomadic Samuel– Nomadic Samuel travel blog offers travel photos, travel videos, quirky travel stories, teaching English, ESL tips, photography tips & destinations.


On and Off the Gringo Trail– On and Off the Gringo Trail’ showcases independent stories of Tim Horgan’s adventures overseas, each of which explore themes as narrative non-fiction.

On My Walkabout– Nick Knowles is a traveler and experience aficionado specializing in enjoying life’s adventures without breaking the bank.

One Step 4ward– Johnny Ward graduated from university in 2006 and has been on the road since. In the last 4 years he has traveled, worked, studied, volunteered and backpacked through more than 50 countries around the world. His travel blog talks all about his lifestyle design, travel, country guides and also about tries to show people that you don’t have to BE rich to LIVE rich.

Our Oyster– The world is your oyster…just take the first step.

Outbound Adventurer– Geeky treks from around the globe.


Poshpacker Family– Join the Adventures of the Crazy, Excitable Family as they Inspire you to Travel Well.

Professional Hobo – The Adventures of a girl with no fixed address.


Road to Wanderlust– travel blog by Carolina Bernal- a law student, dancer and passionate traveler from Colombia.

Romancing the Planet– A travel blog just to make your traveling easy and cheap.

RTW Gap Year– Information and travel tips for your round the world Gap Year


Seat of Our Pants – A married couple travelling the world by the seat of their pants!

Sharon Travelogue– Travel Journal of Sharon Loh. Sharing the love of traveling, eating, and drinking wine since October 2012.

Smiling Faces Travel PhotosSmiling Faces Travel Photos showcases authentic toothy smile images, pictures, portraits of happy, shiny people with large grins around the world.

Snowball Fighters– For everything snow and travel related!

SuitQais Diaries– Adrian was born in England and raised in Oman. Since then he has backpacked, worked, volunteered and lived in over 40 countries…he now currently lives in Japan.

Stop Having a Boring Life – I met Lloyd in Portugal and he writes a damn good blog, saying it how it really is.

Stuff It…Go Travelling– The travel ramblings of a wannabe nomad based in Sydney, Australia.


That Backpacker– Audrey’s world adventures and weekend wanderings.

The Big Travel Theory– Clayton and Jessica Collins are childhood sweethearts chasing world travel. They share stories on life, destinations, and how to travel better.

The Constant Rambler– Tales from the Road- Travel, Food and Road Trips with Pets.

The Euro Lifestyle– A guide to living and working in Europe.

The Longest Way Home – This is a travel journal about a 33 year old guy who packed up and sold everything to go traveling around the world in hope of finding a place called home.

The Runaway Guide– Travel guides from a guy who ran away at 16 without a dime to travel the far reaches of Europe and the Middle East.

The Travel Republic– Round the World Travel Blog

This Boundless World– Backpacker Travel Magazine

Tourist Spots In– It’s OK to be a tourist! Lists of tourist spots in cities and countries around the world.

Travel Addicts– The explorations of two busy professionals who work to support their travel habit, packing in as much adventure as the “real world” allows.

Travel Advice Europe– Travel advice for visiting Europe

Travel Bytez– When travel collides with a byte, a unit of information made up of bits, TravelBytez is formed: snippets of ramblings on travel, food, shopping, living and anything else that comes to mind.

Travel Junkette– Susan is a lover of adventure travel, Michigan football, and Cheez-Its. Follow her global travels and quest to take the perfect jumpy pic on every continent!

Travelling King– Sam & Pete share their tips for travelling Australia and Southeast Asia.

Travel Team Travel Secrets– Expert tips and insider travel news from around the globe.

Travel Wonders of the World– Mark describes his travel wonders of the world gathered in over 25 years of travelling to over 80 countries, hoping to inspire others to discover their travel wonders.

True Nomads– Justin is a travel addict who traded his possessions for his dreams…dreams of traveling the world, getting lost, and living life to the fullest.

Two Bad Tourists– Auston and David are currently living in Spain but are alway planning new side trips around Europe.

Two Go RTW – Husband and wife Daniel & Kathryn leave Canada to travel for a year around the world.

Two Thirsty travellers– Two thirsty travellers is about a Kiwi couple who venture ‘off the beaten track’. With beautiful photos and insightful stories, this is a must-read for the adventurous traveller. 

The Stowaway Kat– Kat, Mark and the Stowaway Cat take a peek into the dizzying world of travel.

Trail of Ants Travel Blog– Travel site, packed with travel tips and advice for Asia, Australia & New Zealand; plus travel writing, photography and vacation ideas.

Travel and Tourism Guide– Tips on things to do in cities around the world


Venturists– Stories from a couple who quit their jobs, sold their home and now enjoy a lifestyle of full-time international travel


Wandering Carol– A luxury blog for those who love to laugh.

Watch Me Wander– Watch Me Wander is written by two travellers, Jess and Brandon, who aim to stay in each destination 20-30 days so minimum so they can get a feel for the culture.

We Are Not Lost Blog– Steve and Vicky have quit their London day jobs to travel the world.

World Travel Buzz– World Travel Buzz is an edgy and awesome online travel magazine, run by a team of travel bloggers from around the world. We are young, wild, free, and in-your-face, and we provide honest and engaging travel stories, tips, and advice from real backpackers and adventure travelers.

World Venture Project– Konrad plans to visit every country in the world, writing about how you can travel more and travel better.


YP Jetset– Travel for the young professional.

48 Hour Adventure– City breaks and weekender guides

2 on the road blog– Italian boy and Spanish girl traveling around the world and enjoying life.

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