13 Mar Top River Cruise Destinations

The Rhine- Top River Cruise Destinations

A river cruise can take you to many destinations that you may have always wanted to visit but the complexities of negotiating flights, trains and hotels has appeared too daunting. This type of holiday is a way of seeing a country from a completely perspective, with a minimum of headaches and a maximum of pleasure.


Some of the most beautiful scenery to be found can be seen from the rivers Rhine or Danube two of the most important rivers in this part of Europe. Many tourists class this as river cruising at its best and return frequently to stop off at the multitude of cities on the way.

How else could you be clubbing in Berlin on one day and then chilling out on the River Elbe on another? The river Rhine begins its route in the mountains of Switzerland and passes Basel before heading off along the border of France and Germany, winding its way through some of the Europe’s cities including Strasbourg and Mainz.

Any budding journalist will have to stop off in Mainz, if only to marvel at the intricacies of ‘Old School printing’ at the famous Gutenberg museum. Eventually, the Rhine meets up with the rivers Ijssel and Waal in the Netherlands and the Schelde in Belgium.

Bored of Northern Europe, no problem, why not select a trip http://premier-pharmacy.com that will take you to the river Danube? Many cruises use the Black Forest in Germany as their starting point and thus you can traverse, four central European countries ending up at the Black Sea.

Stops along the way

While you discover Rhine and Danube rivers you will not just want to stay onboard the cruise ship but will want to venture into some of the beautiful cities along the way which offer you a plethora of activities.  For years, as a result of Soviet domination, Hungary was a closed book to most Westerners. Now though; you can sail along the Danube with Buda on one side of you and Pest on the other.

This city is remarkably beautiful. Every architectural style can be seen in its many buildings, from the baroque to the neo classical. If history isn’t your particular thing then just stop off in one of the city’s many bars or restaurants.

If you want a really fiery goulash then, ‘Carpatie’ named after the Carpathian Mountains will provide you with authentic Hungarian food. The restaurant does come complete with Gypsy violins, though and unless you enjoy hearing the czardas you might have a slight problem and should head off to another of this city’s splendid eateries.

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  • Rachel
    Posted at 06:35h, 14 March Reply

    I think cruising is one of the best way to enjoy a pretty, romantic Europe. I have a friend though who was asked by a newly-met person “what’s best about cruising?”, he said “you can do activities like eating, drinking and sex. all the time”. That gave the guy a huge smile in his face. 😉

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