29 Jun Top Destinations for Dental Tourism

The rise of dental tourism has helped countless Brits appreciate the value and quality they can receive by purchasing dental treatments abroad.

dental tourism thailand

A lot of Brits are asking: what are the missing teeth alternatives? And now with a bustling market for international dentistry, they’re discovering treatments which can finally provide solutions to longstanding problems.

There’s now a huge incentive to go online and discover more about companies which cater to visitors from the UK, helping more people discover the amount of money they save while still receiving world-class care. This has been covered extensively in UK media with the BBC’s video on dental tourism attracting a lot of attention.

But there are plenty of other advantages to dental tourism than just getting a better price.

Often these countries will be excellent destinations to explore in their own right, giving people the opportunity to combine their medical procedure with some sightseeing and the experience of seeing a new culture.

Here’s a quick look at some of the countries offering the best dental packages abroad.


A luscious, tropical destination, the Philippines offers visitors a warm welcome while giving them complete peace of mind during their travel.  The country offers exquisite beaches and sunny retreats, giving you the perfect opportunity to unwind after your dental procedures.


There’s actually been a long tradition of Brits heading to Spain for dental work, although with Spain’s recent economic troubles dental practices have become keener than ever before to attract trade from the UK. The advantage of Spain is that it’s relatively near to the UK, enabling you to get there without much difficulty from most regional airports.


Poland has perhaps emerged as one of the favourite choices for dental care as it has a huge roster of world-class dentists and facilities which can rival any in the UK. It’s also an accessible option with great transport links throughout Western Europe ensuring visitors can receive high-value treatments.


This is a country which was built with travellers in mind, ensuring that you’ll always enjoy excellent hospitality. Dubai is always expanding too which provides endless attractions and opportunities for getting the most out of your time here.

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  • Mark
    Posted at 17:08h, 11 July Reply

    I’ve used dental services abroad and was rather happy with it. I would have gone to my private dentist here in the UK but the cost was absolutely prohibitive. This particular dental clinic in west Poland charged me less than a half of what I was quoted in the UK. What I’ve got to say is that using dentists abroad is a good idea but make sure that you verify credentials of the clinic.


  • Tijuaner
    Posted at 19:08h, 28 November Reply

    For many Australians, Asian countries like Thailand and Singapore are the top destinations for dental tourism. In Thailand the price up to 70% lower than in Australia.

  • Nina
    Posted at 14:56h, 24 December Reply

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