09 Aug Top 4 Places to Visit in Moscow

Moscow St Basil's Cathedral

Visitors to Moscow, Russia are treated to a city that is full of historical landmarks and cultural experiences that will be certain to contribute to a memorable vacation. In Moscow, the cool weather and easy access to local sites are major attractions to visitors.

Most people prefer to visit Moscow in the spring and summer months when cultural celebrations are taking place, and the weather is slightly warmer, although Moscow’s winter scenery creates a beautiful scene to behold.

When traveling to Moscow in the winter months, it is important to make preparations for cold weather as the temperatures regularly dip into the freezing range.

For anyone traveling to Moscow, the following four destinations will offer an exciting opportunity to tour local sites.

The Kremlin 

Politics and history combine into the beautiful architecture that makes up this historical site. In this complex, there are four palaces and four cathedrals that are retained within the Kremlin wall. It is here that the President of the Russian Federation resides.

A walk through the citadel territory is both fascinating and awe inspiring. Because of the historical value of this site, it is often recommended as the first place to go to visitors in Moscow.

Red Square 

Many people will recognize this beautiful destination from its most famous piece of architecture, St. Basil’s Cathedral. During their visit to this site, travelers can visit local cathedrals, the Lenin Mausoleum and the Kremlin wall. This destination allows for visitors to view several different historical landmarks in one trip while enjoying the picturesque view of local architecture.

Gorky Park 

Gorky Park is located along the Moscow River and offers excitement and fun for young and old people alike. Built in 1928, the park was one of the first amusement parks to come to Moscow. It currently has a variety of rides and is frequently being updated with new attractions.

In addition to thrill rides such as roller coasters, the other side of the park houses manicured gardens that can offer travelers the option of a peaceful respite.

Bolshoi Theatre 

This is the most famous theatre in all of Moscow. Like most destinations in Moscow, its stunning architecture draws visitors from all over the world. It is Moscow’s national theatre and they dedicate the majority of their shows to showcasing the talents of Russian composers, artists and masterpieces.

A vacation to Russia is like stepping back into time as the city has made a significant effort to retain its rich historical and cultural influences. Visitors will appreciate the easy travel in Moscow as trains and walking paths make getting from place to place comfortable.

Additionally, nearby cities such as Arkhangelskoe offer even more areas of interest to explore. When visiting Moscow, people should dress warmly and prepare to be inundated with experiences that will stay with them for a lifetime.

photo by Rosa Dik 009 – on & off on flickr

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