28 Aug The 2012 Ski Season in pictures

Winter seems like such a long time ago. Where there was once snow, there’s now just bare rocks, grass and dried-out mud, but for anyone with more than a passing interest in skiing, the new skiing season isn’t too far away. The season just passed provided plenty of opportunities for fun and games, as well as a few lovely photos.

To celebrate the 2012 Ski Season, Inghams launched a competition to see who had the best picture from their skiing holiday during that time. Amid some stiff competition, a winner was eventually chosen, and a well-deserving one at that.

Skiing under the sunset

Skiing under the sunset

Source: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151740955996602.1073741837.65204441601&type=3

The winning photo, as displayed on their Facebook page, came from Les Blain, who took this photo while on a skiing holiday in Levi. A great viewing position for the famous Northern Lights, skiing here is a must for anyone who likes a great photo op.

Windswept Beauty

Windswept Beauty

This image came second, and it’s easy to see why it scored so highly with the judges. It shows just about everything you might expect to see on a skiing holiday: plenty of snow, a quaint wooden cabin and, of course, a pair of skis!

Inghams Photo Competition

This, the 6th placed entry in the competition, shows how bringing your camera with you on a skiing break can help to capture all that’s great about your break. This winter, if you want to go somewhere different, perhaps you might be able to take a snap that’s even cuter than this one!

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