26 Sep Tennerfest Jersey- great cuisine from only a tenner


The 1st October sees the start of the 2013 Tennerfest event with an anticipated 184 Jersey and Guernsey restaurants (the majority in Jersey) signing up. For six weeks they’ll be showing off their culinary expertise across varied cuisine from traditional English recipes to French, Italian, Chinese and Indian and a nix of establishments from restaurants to bistros, cafés and gastro pubs. The menus will be available from the 26th September so check out what’s on offer.

The aim is to ensure visitors experience a great meal for a great price. The concept of Tennerfest, which started 16 years ago was that you could enjoy an all inclusive meal for a tenner. This is still the case today although there are now a range of alternatives at different prices – that’s inflation I’m afraid but you can still eat for a tenner if you so wish. Other menus will cost £12.50, £15 & £17.50 and £20 so still great value and an excellent choice.

Most of the produce used is all local to the island. After all Jersey is renowned for its great fruit and vegetables, such as Jersey Jewel tomatoes and Jersey Royal potatoes, as well as other foods such as dairy – we all know and love the doe-eyed Jersey cows but have you tried Jersey Black butter?

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Visitors coming on holiday to Jersey also enjoy the abundance of seafood on offer. Being an island, seafood is plentiful and varied with a number of different species found in the waters around Jersey. So, at Tennetfest 2013 not only will you be enjoying Jersey’s amazing food culture, but island delicacies such as fresh langoustine and lobster, their award-winning oysters or delicious sea bass.

At its core this promotion is about celebrating and enjoying good value food at its best, highlighting the wide choice that’s available with some innovative ways of cooking and presenting the menus.

Check out www.jerseytravelservice.co.uk and join us on Facebook for further information.

If you love food and enjoy travelling then a short Jersey holiday for a culinary break is highly recommended. The island is a duty free area too so it could be the perfect excuse to get some early Christmas shopping done. Why not take the car ferry to Jersey with some friends and load up the boot!

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