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Ski Sochi Russia

Lesser Known Ski Escapes in Europe

Although it may feel a bit early to book a holiday to the snow-covered peaks for skiing season, it’s always worth thinking ahead. While European destinations such as Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria are known for their world class ski resorts, if you’re looking for somewhere a bit different over the winter, these are some [...]

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slovenian food

Accommodation and Places to Eat in Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the former country of Yugoslavia’s most beautiful new nations – with almost half the land located in the dramatic mountains of the Alps and over 50 percent being forested. There is even a sliver of coastline, with 30 miles of the Mediterranean Sea bordering the south of the country. Slovenia has [...]

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Top Things to Do in Slovenia

Slovenia is pint-sized but rather pretty… a bit like Kylie Minogue. “I’ve heard of it, but where is it exactly?” you might ask. The country was part of the former Yugoslavia and sits between Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. It does have a coastline on the Mediterranean, although the ‘beaches’ of rocks and pebbles aren’t [...]

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The Postojna Caves in Slovenia

The Postojna Caves were definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Slovenia. There are two sets of cave systems in Slovenia- the Škocjan Caves and the Postojna Caves. We rented a car from Hertz in Portoroz to make the drive to the Karst region of Slovenia, where the Postojna caves are located. It’s [...]

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