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Australian currency coins

How to Make Extra Cash Before Your Travels

Want to know how to make extra cash for traveling? Most people have a hard time believing that it’s possible to travel with only a little cash and a lot of ambition. However, if you can think of smart ways to save money and continue making it while you’re on the road, you can extend [...]

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foreign currency

Spending Smart When Traveling

Traveling internationally can be expensive. There are a lot of things to worry about – exchange rates, foreign transaction fees, the value of the currency to locals, and more. It is therefore important that an international traveler know the tips of saving money while traveling. Why pay extra when you could get the same quality for less? Avoid Foreign Transaction Fees [...]

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Car driving at sunset, Havana, Cuba

Saving Money on Holiday

When you’re having fun on holiday it’s easy to let all that sun and sangria go to your head and watch your budget fly out the window. It’s nice to splurge on special experiences and the odd nice meal, but there are some costs that can be avoided. So here’s some nifty little tips for [...]

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