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New Instagram Web Profiles

I love photography, and so I can’t help but love any app that allows me to look through endless numbers of beautiful photos. The world’s favourite photo app Instagram has just launched new web profiles, meaning you can now view, like and comment on people’s photos from the web!  Instagram has really changed the way […]

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Street Painter and Guitar Player in Bruges Markt Square

Beautiful Bruges in Photos

Colourful buildings, medieval architecture, peaceful canals, Belgian beers and chocolate shops galore…must be in Bruges! As I walked along the quaint cobbled streets of Bruges, the clippety-clop of horses hooves drawing closer, I thought “How have I been to Belgium 3 times before and I’ve never been to Bruges?”  Prior to this trip I had […]

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Flinder Ranges Sunset

13 Pictures of Sunsets from My Travels

Sunsets. There’s just something about them. They happen every day, 365 days of the year, and will keep happening until the world stops turning. Yet we human beings are strangely drawn to a sunset as if it’s the first time we’ve seen such a sight. Sunsets evoke strong emotional responses within all of us, and are […]

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