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The Best Surf Camp Destinations in the World

Surfing is one of those things that you KNOW, if you could JUST master it, would automatically make you cool. Just as cool as speaking 10 languages and somewhere on the path to rock-star status. If you’re a complete beginner, surf camps are a great way to get proper coaching whilst having everything organized for [...]

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How I spent 2010

Not many people could say that in one year they saw in the New Year watching fireworks in Bali, celebrated Australia Day in Singapore, filmed a road trip around South Australia, swam with sea lions in the wild, experienced a stomach-churning ride in a tiger moth, sandboarded down a sand dune, went up in a [...]

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Video: Walking through the Souk in Marrakech

Walking through the souk in Marrakech is a chaotic experience and an assault on your senses. An experience like no other, I took a video of what it’s like to walk through the maze. Donkey carts manoeuvring, wagons and bikes coming through, tourists haggling with traders, butchers cutting up meat, stalls of figs and fruit, the smell of new [...]

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