10 Apr Is Malaysia worth it for a holiday?

Malaysia is a country found in the south-eastern Asia and is bordering Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore. The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur while Putrajaya is the official headquarters of the Malaysian government. The country’s population reaches up to 30 million and tourism is one of the greatest sectors, developing tremendously in the last few years. Millions of travelers are trying to visit Malaysia from all corners of the World. If you want to travel to Malaysia and you are from India, don’t forget to get your Malaysia visa early enough. Also, read below a series of facts about Malaysia that will surely make you want to visit it:


The climate in Malaysia is equatorial and it is mostly characterized by two main monsoon periods, from April to October and October to February, depending on the side of the country visited. The temperatures are moderate due to the water surroundings and the humidity level is high at all times. Tropical jungles host exotic plants and animals, being located in protected areas and national parks. Find amazing flowers from the Rafflesia family, palm trees, cocoons, banana trees or other tropical plants in the very same location. Don’t hesitate to plan your trip to Malaysia as soon as possible, because during the whole year, the weather will be pleasing, and you won’t encounter any kind of problems here.


Malaysia is a paradise for gastronomy enthusiasts, often called “New Thailand”, in terms of traditional cuisine. In the markets of the major cities you can taste the tastiest dishes you can imagine, but there are also many extravagant restaurants, from the traditional to the international ones. Rice is one of the most searched for aliments and food is generally spicy. Some common desserts that you can find in Malaysia are kacang, bubur cha cha, cendol and pulut hitam. All of them contain coconut milk and coconut palm sugar which will give them a taste you’ve never experienced before. The beverages served in Malaysia include various fruit juice, soft drinks, Milo (which is very popular among the people living in Malaysia) and Teh Tarik, which is a combination of condensed milk and black tea.


Every year, various festivals, both national holidays and ad-hoc, musical, cultural or gastronomic events take place in Malaysia. One of the most important days is Hari Merdeka (Independence Day) on August 31st. Malaysia is well-known for the many celebrations happening in this country. Any traveler can experience a multitude of feelings and sensations in Malaysia, simply because of the vast multi-culture. During the entire year, you can choose from carnivals and festivals such as Thaipusam, the Chinese New Year which is celebrated in Malaysia too, the Wesak Day in May which is a saint day for Buddhists, the Rainforest World Music Festival and many, many others. In November, for instance, you can enjoy the amazing atmosphere of Deepavali where oil lamps will light up the sky.

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