15 Jan How to Make Extra Cash Before Your Travels

Want to know how to make extra cash for traveling?

Most people have a hard time believing that it’s possible to travel with only a little cash and a lot of ambition. However, if you can think of smart ways to save money and continue making it while you’re on the road, you can extend your trip for as long as you like. Some of the best ways to make money for traveling are the tried and true — asking friends and family for help and being financially savvy, for example — but there are other lesser-known methods that can mean the difference between a weekend vacation and lifetime of adventure. Here’s a list of both.

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Start a travel fund campaign.

If you’re a stickler for the old-fashioned way of saving money, you can simply ask family and friends to donate what they can. Sweeten the deal by promising them unique souvenirs from faraway places. Or if you want to go digital, you can also start a profile on a site like FundMe that allows you to collect money electronically. Paypal would also do the trick; just make sure you compose a nice message to all of your potential benefactors.

Establish frequent traveler accounts.

This may sound like the lamest idea ever, but if you plan to travel far, racking up frequent flier miles or other traveler’s discounts could mean an entirely new trip for you down the road. Many travelers don’t think to take advantage of deals like this and subsequently miss out on thousands of dollars’ worth of savings in the long run.

Get rid of everything you can’t take with you.

The farther you travel, the lighter you’ll want to pack. You could keep everything you own in storage while you’re away, but a more useful idea would be to sell all your old items and put that cash toward your impending trip. You can sell everything from clothing to furniture on Ebay or Craigslist. And if you’re still a little short on cash, you could even sell your CDs and DVDs on musicMagpie.com.

Become a travel writer or photographer.

One of the best ways to replenish your travel fund while you’re still away is to make money off of your experiences. By actually having the guts to make it to a foreign place, you already have a leg up on other writers and bloggers. You can sell your words and images to make money while you inspire other people to do the same. Or even better, you can create your own travel blog and monetize it after you’ve established a loyal readership.

Give freelance English lessons.

If you’re lucky enough to travel to places where English isn’t the official language, you can also earn a little cash here and there by giving basic English lessons. This will help you get to know locals, facilitate language exchanges that help you survive (after all, you’ll need to know a little of their vocabulary if you want to teach them a foreign language) and it can help you stay financially afloat. That’s three birds with one stone.

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Victoria Brewood

Hi I'm Victoria, a British girl from Manchester. After graduating from university I decided there was more to life than the hours between 9 and 5, so I packed my journalism degree into my suitcase to travel the world and find a way to make money at the same time. I now call London home, although I still travel whenever I can. I hope to inspire you to be your own boss, live life and see the world.

  • Michelle
    Posted at 08:19h, 15 January Reply

    Although leading up to my around the world trip many gave me money for birthday presents and xmas presents I would never have dreamed of asking them to just to give me money to fund my travels.

    When somewhere you speak the language and can obtain a work visa temping is a great way to make some money if you have experience. I also came across a hairdresser who travelled with her scissors giving hair cuts in a hostel for a bargin. She just put up a sign letting everyone know when and where.

  • itsoknoproblem.com
    Posted at 05:24h, 26 January Reply

    Nice tips. We are currently working on the last advice. The only problem with second one is that we lose miles if we don’t redeem it (didn’t get enough for a free flight) and don’t take flights by one of the airlines from different alliances. We save some money, flying with different low-cost airlines or by getting special prices on sales. Could you give more details and some examples on this topic?

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