22 Nov How to do Bangkok Hangover 2 Style

This was a guest post sent to me by Andy White from Australia, who recently had his own Hangover II experience when he visited Bangkok on a stopover on the way home from Europe. If you want an unforgettable night in “The City of Angels” (providing you don’t suffer from complete memory loss the next day) here’s Andy’s tips on how you can follow in the foosteps of the characters from “The Hangover Part II”.

[quote]It came to my attention, after the producers of the famous Hangover movie brought out a second edition in Bangkok, that it was time to experience the Thai capital in a solely intoxicated state and go head to head with the characters from the movie.[/quote]

We had four nights to drink for cheap and let the mayhem of Bangkok take a hold of us, in true Hangover 2 style.

If you haven’t seen the movie before, it’s a similar premise to the first movie: a group of guys wake up in a hotel room and have to piece together the events of the night before in order to find their missing friend. Replace Las Vegas with Bangkok and add a drug-dealing monkey into the mix…and you’ll have some idea of the wild things they got up to.

Touch down in Bangkok Wolfpack style

hangover 2 wolfpack walking through the airport

Arriving in Suvarnabhumi International Airport, the humidity instantly hits you, and your first thoughts turn to an ice cold Chang, the most famous of the local beers. The airport system is quite well organised but the lines can be rather horrendous. The drive from the airport into central Bangkok may have you fooled, as the highway driving doesn’t give you the feeling you may expect to get, but as soon as you hit the centre you’ll find yourself amongst an array of motorbikes, taxis and tuk-tuks all fighting for a very small amount of lane space, which instantly brings you back to the reality of Thailand.

Setting the scene…where you’ll wake up with no recollection of the night before.

The Hangover 2- the Wolfpack find a monkey in their hotel room

[box type=”note”]Don’t bother trying to find the dirty room used in the movie, because those scenes were filmed on Los Angeles movies sets.[/box]

The D and D Inn in the middle of Khao San Road is where we stayed and we all found it extremely good value for money. The accommodation was in a prime location and for 20-30 USD we got a basic room for two people, which includes breakfast and use of the rooftop pool.

As we cracked our first Chang of the trip we had our base to explore Bangkok’s excellent drinking facilities. Places to eat and drink are everywhere on Khao San Road, ranging from restaurants to portable carts and from bucket bars to full blown nightclubs. We found the roadside food carts extremely good value and don’t worry, the food is well cooked. If it’s your first time eating Thai, you can’t go wrong with Pad Thai- a simple noodle dish with chicken. Other food that cannot be missed in your Bangkok ‘Hangover’ experience is the sneaky cart of deep fried insects, where you can buy a bag of crickets or cockroaches deep fried… for your convenience!

Beers, buckets and bars…the essentials for a ‘Hangover’ to remember

The Hangover 2 alley in Bangkok

The Thai beer, Chang, is an excellent drop and comes at a small price, with the option of towers of beer consisting of a number of litres to share, or for the more adventurous backpacker- a tower to him/herself.

However there is no avoiding the cocktails which are served in sand buckets; these generally involve an unknown amount of alcohol and very little juice for very little money. (Watch out these come back to bite you later in the night). Some of the favourite bucket bars would have to be the ‘Bucket Factory’ (yes they have signs saying we don’t check I.D) and the centre bar. *Be warned, many of the Thai girls that you may find extremely attractive are actually lady boys, and are unlikely to leave you alone if you show any inclination to them.*

The clubs in Khao San Road are much more expensive and sometimes not worth the extra money, but if you wander up and down, they start to advertise and become busy much later in the night. The chances are you’re not going to mind where you party by this stage so let the street do the talking for you!

If you want to get a tattoo on your face…

the hangover 2 face tattoo

There is of course another major part that goes with your ‘Hangover’ experience and that is the numerous tattoo and piercing shops littered throughout the night spots, and yes these are open throughout the night just to rope you in even easier. You may be told that they won’t tattoo drunk- this is a myth and if you’re up to it, go wild, the majority of the shops are extremely hygienic and safe.

Movie locations for the Hangover 2

  • When Phil, Stu and Alan stumble out of the hotel in Bangkok, they walk out into an alleyway called Soi Plaeng Nam in Chinatown.
  • The scene where the monkey does his drug deals was shot at Song Wad Road Roundabout in Chinatown.
  • When the Wolfpack try to remember what happened the night before, they are led to the Chinese temple of Ching Mei where they meditate with Chinese monks, but this scene was in fact shot at Muang Boran- The Ancient City.
  • The nightlife scenes where they visit “Siam’s Siam’s Bar” were shot in the red-light district of Soi Cowboy, which runs parallel to Sukhumvit Road and is full of go-go bars. Cactus Bar was used for the entrance to “Siam Sam’s” and Tilac Bar was used for the interior shots.
  • The scene where the guys visit an alleyway with a barber shop and a tattoo parlour to obtain more clues, was shot in Sukhumvit Soi 7/1. You won’t be able to get inked there though, as the tattoo parlour and the bars were temporarily erected for the movie.
  • Various scenes were shot at the luxury Lebua Hotel in the Sky Bar and the Sirocco and Mezzaluna restaurants. If you’re loaded, the hotel is now offering a Hangover Part II package for $2,200 USD for two people for two nights. As part of the package you get a 2 bedroom spacious Tower Club Suite and you’ll have the opportunity to meet members of staff who were extras in the movie.
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