06 Jan Gaga’s Workshop at Barneys New York

In 2011 Lady Gaga topped Forbes’ Most Influential Celebrity list, and it seems she certainly rules the world these days…well, the pop world at least. And when a celebrity rises to megastar status, its only a matter of time before they move into other areas…like having a personalised line of products in a luxury New York department store.

When the folks over at nycgo told me about Gaga’s Workshop at Barney’s, I knew I had to go and buy something because my Mum is a bit of a Lady Gaga fan. (OK so am I!) I was also curious about what crazy and wacky themes she had come up with for her holiday workshop- after all we’re talking about the woman who wore a meat dress to the MTV Video Music Awards!

Gaga’s Holiday Windows

In New York Christmas tradition, all the department stores in New York dress their windows in elaborate festive holiday displays. Lady Gaga’s holiday windows at Barney’s this year were particularly fun and off-the-wall.

‘Gaga’s Crystal Cave’ was a window filled with giant blue icicles:

Gagas Crystal Cave at Gaga's Workshop in Barney's New York

The Gagamachine was a giant metallic motorbike with a Lady Gaga frame:

Gaga Machine at Barney's New York

And my favourite holiday window was a boudoir made entirely of hair!

Gaga's Holiday Window made of hair at Barney's New York

Gaga’s Workshop

Located on the Men’s Fifth Floor of Barney’s, Gaga’s Holiday workshop was a treasure trove of Lady Gaga-inspired goodies. At the entrance to the workshop I watched an introduction video presented by Lady Gaga herself, explaining that purchases are ‘guilt-free’ since 25% of the proceeds are donated to her new charity, the Born This Way Foundation. 

Entering Gaga’s Workshop was like entering Gaga’s lair. Not only was her song Hair blaring from the speakers, her face was everywhere too! There was a giant Lady Gaga lying down on the floor wearing a red catsuit and her trademark platform shoes; an enormous spider sporting Lady Gaga’s head; and a set of Lady Gaga wax candles in a bust of Lady Gaga’s face.

The workshop was supposed to be Gaga’s own personal take on Santa’s workshop, and of course, no holiday workshop would be complete without lots and lots of candy. From candy “Disco sticks” to dark chocolate “Poker Face Chips” and “Monster cookies”, the workshop was packed with candy like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Since Barney’s is a luxury department store, the products on sale had expensive price tags. On the lower end of the scale, A “Lips Lollipop” cost $25, whilst a Light-Up Yoyo cost $25. At the higher end of the spectrum, a pair of handmade Sioux Lace Sunglasses would cost $295, and a Crystal Adorned Tiara would set you back $780. The most expensive item on sale was a pair of mega-high platform Night Maker Shoes at $4,100.

I couldn’t go home without a stocking filler for Mum, so I purchased a compact mirror for $35- one of the cheaper items in the store!

Gagas Workshop Barneys New York

Wax Candles in Busts of Lady Gagas face at Barneys in New York

Lady Gaga Candy at Gagas Holiday Workshop in Barneys New York

Gaga Sunglasses at Gagas Holiday Workshop Barneys New York

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